The after fasting “better than sex” omelette!

After you fast for several days (or maybe you are on a special DO OR DIE few day diet) you MUST reward yourself with your favorite meal. You must do it first thing in the morning even before you do any of your morning rituals.

Its one of those meals that you will think about the previous day, salivate like a dog, and experience junkie cravings during the night.

It can be simple, it can be complex. It can be anything you want.

Mine is a simple omelette with a home made bread and a piece of goat cheese.

Every single bite was like having the best dirtiest sweatiest sex you will ever have.

So i chew the food slowly and take smaller bites 🙂



Do not forget to put on some tunes while cooking – something that will lift your spirit up and make you stick your teeth in every bite of your meal. I listen to AC DC.

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