Growth hacking: Changing and taking action in life.

That feeling when you change.

You know that feeling when you leave your current body and become an example of yourself?When everything you do is a tiny bit better than what you were a moment ago?The feeling to get away from yourself and see what you are and who you want to become?

Too bad its a one of a kind – once in a lifetime feeling – because you get use to it so easily afterwards. And you don’t notice when it happens again and again and again.

Too good as well – because once you had that feeling – its inside of you. So every time you do something in your life – ask yourself – will i feel bad about it because it happened only once or will i feel good? Will i feel so good that i want to do the same, or do something even better than that?

Think about it this way – It’s like riding a bike. Once the basics get in your brain, you stop paying attention to them and focus on whats next. Riding faster, maybe going downhill, doing some flips etc…

Never forget to come back and revisit the basics though. Its fun plus you might learn something you forgot 🙂


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