The moment when you inhale that strange alluring smell,

is the moment you mind glitches.


What is that smell? You think to yourself.

A smell that mutes everything around you.

Where is it coming from?


And there she is.

She happens to be a friend of a friend.

No need to involve my seduction techniques i guess.


I told her she smells nice.

Pure and innocent.

Although the sweat i could not miss.

But it added a bit dirtiness to her which i liked.


She tells me its her new perfume.

“lemme smell it again”

I brushed away her black hair.

As i dived in her skin on left side neck,

i wanted to stay there forever.

I wanted to get lost underneath that sticky sweaty skin of hers.


“It doesn’t smell like Channel”

“What? Not possible!”


Its smell like something else.



And then she glitched.

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