A breakfast for simple people

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said Leonardo when he was preparing his breakfast in the morning.

Einstein also agreed with Leonardo and said that ” only inteligent fools can make things bigger and more complex” – again refering to his breakfast.

So what makes for a simple healthy breakfast?

Could it be – the less ingredients the better?

Could it be that, and the way you prepare those ingredients?

Could it be the way it looks when its served?

This morning i prepared:

  1. Sliced tomatoe
  2. 4 boiled eggs (one yolk and four whites
  3. Slice of goat cheese
  4. Sprinkled with pepper and olive oil

After you sleep, isn’t it logical to give your body something easy and nutritious so that it will kickstart your day? Isn’t it also logical to make this simple meal look excruciatingly delicious and colorfull so that your mind will be thankful as well?

Sometimes though… Fried bacon and eggs with a side dish of beans is what is needed. Maybe tommorow?

“Simplicity uber alles” – bbdirector

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