A corvette headed to the Pirate Summit!

So last night we had our first pitch for our newborn baby startup Bidi – a startup with a simple idea – through Bidi, an online eCommerce platform, you can buy any product and service for 1$ and you can sell any product or service for the full value they are worth. More on this, some other time.

We pitched to the Pirate Summit Skopje – Europe’s biggest invitation-only gathering of early-stage startups and investors. This global summit was brought to Skopje thanks to the SuperFounders accelerator, and it a was once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and pitch in front of investors that

As the headline states – we won the competition and reserved our spot in the semifinals for Cologne in September – the big event :).


The whole event was great and ran smoothly so big up to the SuperFounders team. Its a one of kind event where you get to meet different kinds of people who share your willingness to create new ideas and would do anything to make them a reality. Thanks to them and to the Pirate Summit team for giving us this one of kind opportunity.

One of the things that left the biggest impression was meeting the judges. And seeing that they are actually very cool and very relaxed people. Cool cats.  “I would be too if i had a couple hundred mill in my pockets” my co-founder mentioned.

But its not that that struck me the most.

First off, its not every day that you meet people with 8+ zeros in USD or  eur or whatever on their bank accounts.

Second, these are people that run some of the biggest funds in Europe, are CEOs of companies with at least 100k users,  and have some of the MOST INCREDIBLE STORIES (business wise, private life wise and what not wise) that you have ever heard of (i learned how and why the Austrians invented coffee and croissant (Julius Meinl)- yeah, apparently they don’t only have delicious chocolate, ski slopes and architecture)

Third,  they have a totally different lifestyle that you only read about in books such as the Four Hour Week or on blogs such as Pat Flyn’s passive income- and now you actually see these people in person – amazing.

While networking during the dinner afterwards, there was a moment where two of the judges struck a conversation between them (while we were sitting next to them) – about the possibility of joining up their two premium businesses that already generate milions in revenue – you know, the regular small talk that these people strike in their everyday life, nonchalantly  like if it was nothing- me and my co founders just glanced at each other and thought

But your next reaction is just smile and listen.

The occasional thought comes to mind “maybe i can say something smart to add value to their conversation” – NO. just listen dude.

We just sat there and listened to what these regular guys were doing in their regular life in a regular world outside ours.

This whole experience gives you a perspective on how life will be for us in the near future – from which you can take bits and pieces of, apply it completely or try to forget it – its up to us how we accept it.

I just want to end this post with the one thing i learned from one of the judges

“teamwork is essential if you want your idea to succeed” 

See you guys on the Pirate Summit!


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