Post battle dinner!

Whatever the mind conceives as a meal, you can eat it – i believe thats the true meaning of the saying.

If it was a long day with a very short night sleep, you have to congratulate yourself with your favorite meal before you go to sleep. Some experts say you should not eat before going to bed – but think about it this way – can you sleep when you are hungry? and can you work when your stomach is full with delicious food?

The elder people had it all figured out. My grandfather used to tell me that whenever they moved the fields and gathered the grass to use as food for the livestock in the winter, they always took a break during the day and ate – but the most important thing – they always napped immediately after they ate – because a full stomach renders you useless for some time.

Basic ingredients basic setup and basic delivery:

  1. 4 egg omelette – (two yolks only)
    1. I added some milk to them – a bit more to be quite honest and they turned out like pancakes! – what a twist of events – i did them on olive oil and a pinch of salt.
  2. Two pieces of toasted ciabatta bread
  3. Piece of chiiiese (goat)
  4. Tomato and some green onions from the garden – As Harley from Epic Meal time liked to call them – some green decorative sh*t 😀
  5. And the wooden tray which i think is used for chopping meat but served its purpose perfectly.
  6. Preparation time less than 15 minutes if you are listening to this funky album


It was the most delicious meal i had today.

maybe it was all thanks to the music which i listened to while cooking.

Maybe. Whatever it was it was good.

And if i had my blonde woman right here and now, man she would be in for some crazy monkey lovin’. But i don’t, so i won’t.


Instead i will eat this piece of chocolate covered almond bar that looks like its boiling and is ready to be devoured (its dark chocolate btw)


and watch some silicone valley. And remember all the good stuff i did today. Alone.


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