The True Love Sandwich

Once a great man said

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with two cloves of garlic”

You always have to start and finish strong. The stronger the better. This goes for eating as well. Why garlic?

Think of garlic as the food that opens a portal to the kingdom of the most beautiful  tastes and smells. It is the food that is considered as the ultimate test of friendship and camaraderie. The ultimate test of love.

“If love is the treasure, garlic is the key.”

It means that if people stand by you, listen to you and care for you, while you reek of the enchanting smell of garlic- that is essentially true love.

But also it is the food that can close a lot of portals. Its a universal law that plays here so we cannot argue with that. Instead lets look at the set up.

The set up is basic as always

  1. two egg omelette (1 egg yolk)
  2. sizzled turkey burger
  3. slice of tomato
  4. one green onion
  5. two cloves of garlic
  6. Ciabatta leftover bread toasted two times and smothered in olive oil and butter
  7. a glass shot filled with kaymak – its a  traditional balkan cream cheese that are served as a side dish to burgers (pljeskavica sa kajmakom) and to bread (lepinja sa kajmakom (more info here)
  8. Sprinkle the whole thing with olive oil and some pepper.
  9. Preparation time 15 minutes

How to eat this?

  1. Chew on one of the garlic cloves first for 5 minutes.
  2. Then start eating the sandwich while at the same time dipping the green onion and smothering it with kaymak – this adds a level of finesse to your eating – think of the green garlic as your quill and the kajmak as the ink – each bite has its own meaning.
  3. And at the end plow the second piece of garlic for 5 more minutes.

All you need to do is go out and find true love. If you haven’t it means that true love is not ready to be found yet and you need to eat some more garlic.


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