Porcini omelette – meat from nature!

The English call it – penny bun due to its rounded shape.

The Germans call it – steinpilz!!! – because they are german.

The Italians cal it porcini – italians are sexy. 

From where i come from its called vrganj. 

The oficiall name? Boletus Edulis. BOLETUS EDULIS. 
Imagine the following – sitting in a restaurant and the waiter tells you the daily menu – delicious, sizzled boletus edulis with…No thank you ill have anything else. 

However we call it, one thing is for certain – IT IS MAGNIFICIENTLY DELICIOUS.

Here is how i cooked it to perfection:

  1. 500 gr of freshly harvested and boiled Boletus Edulis 
  2. Two whole eggs
  3. Garlic clove
  4. White wine
  5. Olive oil and pepper
  6. Your mom and sister to cook them for you – the most important ingredient

You let the porcini sizzle in water, wine and garlic for 15 minutes – since we harvest these porcini by ourselves in my village, we first boil them imediatelly and then freeze them for later use – the ones in this meal have not been frozen yet. 

Afterwards you drip and dry the porcini, add olive oil and the two eggs and cook em until the eggs are good – usually 5 minutes. 

Put aside this concoction of cucumber  and homemade joghurt called tarator with a pinch of dill and salt and you are almost good to go. 

The last thing you need to do is ask your mother kindly to serve you and that is all. 

Think about it this way – You enjoy natural meat that you handpicked yourself. With every bite you take you imagine how you picked up every single one of those porcini from the ground and say to yourself – this happened because of me. I made this a reality. I make reality happen. With my mom. 


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