Ohrid – the city of amor.

You order an espresso – he brings you a latte.

You don’t order an espresso – he brings it to you anyways.

Why? Because he knows you. He knows your deepest desires – he knows how you like things before you even realize that you want them. And what do you do?  You don’t say thank you. You don’t give him love back.

Normally he should be pissed of because of that. He should kick you out. But no. He would not do that. Because he knows that wars have been started over love. Millions have died searching for it. And he knows that love conquers all. And he will continue to express love as long as it takes for us to realize what we are doing to ourselves. Who is this love giver?

I’m talking about the spirit of  Ohrid. People I know who went to Ohrid (and most of these people are from Skopje) have met the Ohrid spirit.

Some have met him as a cab driver. Some have met him as a apartment owner who rents apartments. Most have met him as a waiter.

This spirit is a very fiery character. A very honest character. One who expresses love all the time – think about it – how many times have you heard him say “amor”?

Foreigners already know the meaning of the word amor (or amour in French) and thus have experienced Ohrid as they should have. (imagine a foreigner hearing “amor” for a thousand times during the day?”  Now this post will provide an explanation why Macedonians don’t experience Ohrid as they should.

First off, we understand amor wrongly – we think it stands for “hey” or “oh come on!” or “give me a break” – mostly negative meanings.

It’s not. Its a divine message. It is usually paired up with the “shotieh” – even just writing the word gave me chills. Its a message about unconditional love -“Amor Shotieh” – it is similar in meaning to words such as – Da Vinci, the arc of the covenant, Divine, Beginning, End, Good, Evil. Idea. Truth. Dream.

Whatever it sounds like, the spirit wants to give you this unconditional love. And he does not give it to everyone. He gives it to the chosen ones. Foreigners and Skopje people. Those that understand and those who don’t. Those that are enlightened and those that are not yet enlightened. Yes that is true -when you understand what the Ohrid is giving you, then you are enlightened.

Love? Enlightened? You are mad.

Maybe. but think about it – When you get back home do you talk about what happened with that waiter or that cab driver? Do you mention it to everyone possible?

Now let me ask you this – which things you remember the most – the ones that awakened strong emotions or the ones that did not? Did you tell them about going to the beach? about the swim in the lake? Maybe. But you sure did tell them about how he overcharged your bill.

That is the spirit of Ohrid. The spirit that loves us. There is love in every misplaced cup of coffee, in every overcharged bill.

We just need to realize it and share the amor together. We need to stop lying to ourselves about what we want drink, about how much we think we should pay, and what kind of accommodation we need. The spirit knows already so lets just accept it as it is. Only then, when the spirit tells us “amor shotieh”, instead of  getting angry  we will say – “amor inatebe”. That is love. That is amor.

Hell i think we can actually make a good advertising campaign out of it. Considering the fact i work in advertising and we in advertising know what is good and what is not, the following idea is better than good. Its great. Imagine the following campaign:

HEADLINE: Ohrid – The city that knows you.

COPY: If you don’t know who you are, what you are or if you are, then visit Ohrid – The place for enlightenment. The place where you find out love. True unconditional love. The place where you find yourself.

We can even make a simple application on a web page. The app called “amor shotieh”, uses a revolutionary algorithm to figure out what you really want. You just write down what you THINK you want and the app tells you what you REALLY want.

Untitled presentation (1)

the amour shotieh gives you a suggestion on what you should really eat or do or drink in Ohrid. The above mock up is from a beta version. We are preparing a gamma version as we speak so that we will launch the omega before the alpha.

We are planing on adding a option that will enable the app to show you where you can actually have to drink for example, what you really want.

Forget timeless, this is priceless.

The last thing to mention here is that everything has its own limits. Even the spirit of Ohrid. How long before he stops expressing love to us? How long until he actually gives us what we order and by doing that, destroying ourselves even more? How long until the spirit says AMOR DOSTA E and lets us get what we order?

To ponder on this i leave you with two videos taken during the last trip to amor. Zen videos to contemplate how your next visit should be. And a song.

Waves in lake

Sun and me



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