A diet for the sophisticated plebeian!

How to increase the chance that you will stick to you diet even if you get magically confronted with the following divine concoctions?tgif_stacked-burger-lr-1

Or this building block of any DNA

One way to increase it is to go on a desert island and eat coconuts and crabs all day and play with a Wilson ball. Since we are not Tom Hanks and we are just mortals, we have to get creative and do what any plebeian (common person) would do. Stick to basics.

When you think about it – plebeians did not suffer for not indulging in roasted boars and veal’s, rabbits,  and what not; they could have easily have that (just needed to revolt a bit)- on the contrary, they took joy and pleasure in eating a single apple a day. A glass of water per week. And what did that result in?

They were

  1. stronger in character -in a way that they refused to feast two apples per day or even mix an apple and a glass of water. That made no sense for them whatsoever.
  2. Stronger in faith – believed that this diet would bring them more apples and more water for the next diet cycle
  3. Stronger in spending power – Not spending dinari for one more apple meant they could say thank you to the gods and their emperors and give that dinar to them!

In a way you can say that this “diet” or way of life – was the plebs way of cleansing themselves of all sins they have done.

Leonardo DaVinci said:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

So lets be sophisticated as the plebs were.

The diet in questions is the following:

  1. Day one – water, juices and tea – diet coke does NOT count
  2. Day two – boiled protein (eggs, chicken breast, turkey breasts) – you can season them so you do not vomit.
  3. Day three – Apples – green, red – hell, buy yourself an apple iPhone or mac just because you are on this HORRID diet.
  4. Day Four – Potatoes – mashed, sweet  whatever – as long as they are not french fries. You can season them as well.

Mix the days however you like. Eat as much as you like (unlike the plebs we can indulge in more apples per day and water)

All that is left is to get prepared to take a STANCE!

to deflect things like




The important thing


I do this plebeian sophistication diet once per month – to cleanse from the previous weekend of debauchery and eating the stuff presented in the pictures above.

Its difficult to endure but strangely my work output, efficiency and overall hunger for life increases when i do it.


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