The beautifull time of Never.

Sometimes in life, you ask very simple questions such as:

Mom can i have that Porsche 911 for 90,000$?


Dad, i want that new Mac book Pro for 1800 $. When can i have it?

Or even simpler

When will i get the chance to have sex with a beautiful girl like you?

You get an answer such as:

You can NEVER afford that. You can NEVER have it.  You will never have sex with me.  NEVER. NUNCA.

Usually we get frustrated and say things such as ” meh i deserve something better anyways! (referring to the Porsche)” and “well i did not say you CAN – referring to the girl this time”

When you think about it,

never is a very loooong time from now! So that means we can take our time and prepare accordingly!

think about it –  that means is that we have ALL the time in the world to prepare and afford or be eligible to get what we want!

How can we prepare?

Well we can do simple things like:

  1. Own a Lamborghini or a Maserati (maybe a Ferrari)
  2. Make a couple of million $ just for fun
  3. Visit cool places and indigenous tribes around the world
  4. Work on windows (YUCK)
  5. Have sex with every other girl (or guy)
  6. Eat, sleep, drink – generally enjoy life

And its easy to do these things because if we can NEVER have a Porsche, we can ALWAYS and FOREVER have a Lamborghini right?

Maybe, when the time NEVER comes, you will not need that new Porsche after all? You will stick to the Ferrari…sure.

One thing is for sure, until NEVER comes, we can enjoy ALWAYS and FOREVER.




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