Potato salad for potato lovers and haters.

What is so special about potatoes?

Nothing. A potato is a potato – simple and expressionless.

It is  one of those ZEN foods that understands you completely. You can yell, peel, roast, boil, deep fry, love and do whatever you like to a potato but the truth is – the potato will still be a potato and you will still be a douche.

Not me. I love potatoes. I love potatoes so much that once per month i devote a whole day for potato lovin’ and eating. Its a day when i say no to all women, no to all millions of dollars worth of work that comes to me and no to myself. Because a potato deserves it.

What i did to the potatoes to make them look like they do on the picture above is the following

  1. 300 gr of potatoes – steam boiled
  2. sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and salt.
  3. One whole onion. Which you eat as an apple like a real potato lover does. You dont mix potatoes with anything else.
  4. Add some parsley for color
  5. And any kind of Instagram photo. Just be sure to add structure and details.

All that is left is to put on some Marvin Gaye and eat your potato salad in peace and a lot of lovin. Just remember to take each bite slowly with finesse. Its the only way to enjoy a good potato.


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