The Power of Pizza.

Sex? No thank you i just had something way better – that is what i would say to the most gorgeous women on the planet if they intercepted me and tried to seduce me with their persistence.

Ekhart Tolle wrote a book called “The power of now” – He described the “now” as the present moment in which happiness, love and peace happen – where we feel the universe and the immense power the universe is giving to us. It is a state of being better than all the orgasms of the world happening right in this moment, combined together.

He forgot to add that the “now” is not just a state of being. Its actually something you taste with your mouth.

Yesterday i tasted that, something. That something was something better than an orgasm. Better than sex.  Better than any state of beings combined in the world.


Its ingredients are divine and are:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Yellow cheese
  3. Oregano
  4. Ham
  5. Tomato sauce
  6. Home made pizza dough
  7. The love of the pizza lady that makes each one as if its the last pizza she will make in her life.

Its big enough for two, but why two, when you can eat it alone?

Indeed, Henry David Thoreau said:

I have never found more companionable companion than solitude! – he said this while eating a pizza.



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