Tyler’s secrets to win life!

He is one of those masters of the bbphilosophy that i write about.

In the following video, which is BTW not long enough i think, he divulges some very crucial truths and life lessons. Some of them:

  1. If you are getting jacked and trying to get a 6 pack to impress others, you fail by default. Get jacked and get 6 pack because YOU like it not because others will like you more.
  2. To be present in the moment, avoid eating food that feels good (LOL WUT)- what this means is, a burger might feel like you just entered Nirvana  but your organism feels otherwise when he processes all that crap. Instead, eat food that your ORGANISM FEELS good about – vegetables, and fruits for example.
  3. If a girl asks you to try out coconut oil all over your body, TRY it.
  4. Be engaging.


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