The universe according to Taoists.

The following are a combination of excerpts from various books and online resources that  shed an interesting perspective on how to look at the universe that we live in – according to the Taoist philosophy.

So, what in the hell did the Taoist thought of the universe?

tl:dr version:

Think of the way as a HIGHWAY (smart right?) – would you rather drive in the opposite direction or in the right direction? Which one  do you think would be easier and much less painful?

Sit back and read version:

They understood the universe as a way. An always moving, shifting, vibrating, oscillating entity that cannot be described and that it would be insulting both to its unlimited power and to the intelligent human mind to attempt to do so.

Still, its nature could be understood, and those who cared the most about it, and the life from which it was inseparable, understood it best.

The natural result of this harmonious way of living is happiness. The harmony that naturally existed between heaven and earth from the very beginning could be found by anyone at any time.

Earth was in essence a reflection of heaven, run by the same laws – not by the laws of men. These laws affected not only the spinning of distant planets, but the activities of the birds in the forest and the fish in the sea. The more we interfere with the natural balance produced and governed by the universal laws, the further away the harmony retreated into the distance. The more forcing, the more trouble. Whether heavy or light, wet or dry, fast or slow, everything had its own nature already within it, which could not be violated without causing difficulties. When abstract and arbitrary rules were imposed from the outside, struggle was inevitable. Only then did life become sour. The world was not a setter of traps but a teacher of valuable lessons. Its lessons needed to be learned, just as its laws needed to be followed; then all would go well.

You will recognize that life is sweet and fun if and only if you are only in tune totally with the way and if your Inner Nature/SELF and it’s rules are in harmony with the Inner nature and rule of the Way. When this happens, the same rules that govern and move the planets and all universe will move yourSELF. The self is a part of this way, it’s connected and predetermined to what its purpose is. 

The way/universe wants to give you more – more love more passion more energy more everything – give it out and you will receive more- keeping it is no good it rots – you are in a way a conductor through which you give the universe or show the way and give  what the universe gives to all that need it.

Think about this when you are entering 2017 as a way to put yourself on the right track (too much puns) and be on your own way.




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