Priceless wisdom by the king of trash talk, Larry Bird.

Once upon a time, Larry Bird, the king of trash talking, got asked:

Larry, how did you manage to put in 60 points in one game? – I looked at the ball and then raised my head – all i could see was the hoop and nothing and nobody else. Where did everybody go?! And what else can i do except put the ball in the hoop right?

The point is, he is so in the game, in his zone, that nothing else exists around him that can distract him or his ability to make decisions – that is, make 60 points in one game. And each point happens as a result of a split second decision.

This kind of playing or owning the field, comes from a lot of practice. He said it himself:

I practice a lot.

But where does the decision making come from? Where does the ability to know the exact moment to shoot and take it?

You are born with certain abilities. Like the one to make decisions in this moment, right now and right here. Some people, like Larry have learned to use this ability in what they love to do, to perfection.  What about the rest of us, the ones who are not on a court and the game is played much slower than the game on the court? The ones who are plowing fields and making the world a better place to live?

Its simple, either you decide now to do whatever you need to do and do it and its done. And as long as you do not start thinking about what you should do now, you are OK.

As a rule, whatever you do, do it in the next 3 seconds.

After that your magnificent brain turns on and starts creating beautiful and complex scenarios that you get lost in – and in turn you don’t do it.  Funny thing happens after the 3rd second – its called hesitation – which in turn makes room for something more funnier to happen – excuses.

When you start thinking about gut feelings sometimes (actually most times) you ask yourself “what does my gut tell me?” – that’s nonsense  because your gut will not respond like that. The gut appears instantly. And if not acted upon, vanishes instantly.  Your gut response comes directly from the subconscious.  It does not think. It if was directly connected to your muscular system – you would involuntarily do things.

It’s a feeling/response that you can’t explain with words. Because when your gut takes over he unleashes the BEAST that you are truly. This is the moment that you shine.

Think about it as a spark.

A spark that when ignited, unleashes a fire. But  you are the one who must take this spark and ignite the fire. Otherwise its gone. This fire is what some label as flow or being in the moment completely. Or genuine inspiration as DiCaprio called it in the movie  Inception. However we label it, it’s a moment where you get lost in it completely and you do you best work – your greatest work.

It’s difficult to differentiate between gut and conscious feelings.

They all come from the brain (the latter ones being born from the constant brain chatter or deliberate thinking on your side)  – so one way to settle it – is to write down in your calendar every time that you did something so great that you cannot explain how you did it – and write down the things that you can explain how you did. After a while you will see a pattern arising and voila – see when you acted on gut and when you did not.

To conclude, just do it. Don’t hesitate.

Before we see the king in action i will leave you with a quote from the bbdirector:

The first is the most important one – act upon it. 

And now here is how Larry did not hesitate and did his best work

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