The no.3 technique to clear your mind completely (involves a sexy hostess)

Sometimes you feel lost. Sometimes you have too much on your mind. Don’t know what to do. Where to go. Feel you are alone. Feel depressed. “What do i want to do in life? – where do i want to live? Do i want to be a bb follower? bbdirector? bbactor? or just bb?”

REMEMBER that you are not obliged to know the answers. But if you want to know, there is one way that can be used to find out. A way that is approved by the bb philosophy.

Imagine that your brain is like a lottery/raffle bowl, full with little raffle tickets that have something written on them.

The difference is that in your brain, there are not just numbers but also words, pictures, sounds, tastes, etc etc – that are packed as thoughts and emotions – we will call them “stuff” in the rest of the post.

What is the problem with this bowl? Usually in our everyday life, it gets cluttered with too much unnecessary stuff. And you need to clear out these stuff as fast as possible so that you do not overfill the bowl.

How does a raffle bowl usually become empty?

An anchorman/woman takes out one raffle at a time and says the raffle loudly for all to hear. That’s how.

The problem with our anchorman/woman? Usually he/she is asleep, lazy or just not at work today.


Imagine your anchorman is a sexy hostess or host. Someone who you would willingly surrender to and allow her/him to pick out ANY raffle ticket out of your brain and say it out loudly.

Hostess like her.


And when i imagine her (since i do not have her physically near me) i do the next best thing and take a pen and paper and start writing the winning tickets (yes, pen and paper are the next best thing) – therefore my hostess is my pen and paper.

Think about who your hostess might be.

Could be a real person – could be the one from the image (lucky bastard) or anyone else that you are close to.

And when you pick out every one of those raffles – the bowl empties and you become empty minded. “Like water” as Bruce Lee said. Then your mind is at peace and you can figure out the answers to the questions or issues mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Just remember – let the raffle out and be careful not to overfill the bowl – because it might get unstable and spill over – imagine if all those raffles spill over at once – that would be crazy right?



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