WTF do we know? (burger and babe pics included)

It was after-work, we were hungry and went to DM restaurant to eat. It is a place which houses the best burgers in town.
Let me ask you a simple question, have you ever eaten something so great that opened up your chakras, made you feel free, relaxed and in a mood to talk about life, spirituality and all the other enlightened shit?
While we were talking about life, my friend mentioned this movie that deals with spirituality and consciousness and that it was a MUST see. The movie is called What the bleep do we know. The following picture is the burger, just before I ate it.
Disclaimer: There is some heavy shit down there. The movie is a bit in chaos regarding the content and the learning curve, but being the bbdirector that I am, I managed to somehow (at least in my opinion) create less of a chaos. Up until now, the post is suitable for reading on a Tuesday. The rest of the post might upset your brain – so if you are in the mood for chilling and eating, stop here and go and get a burger.

What is the movie about (TL:DR version)

How consciousness is connected to quantum physics. 084

In simpler terms: How to let go and take control over your life.


The plot follows a story of a photographer that starts realizing that thoughts can (and how) they can influence the material world.

The movie lasts for 1 hour and 25 minutes. I watched it for 6 hours. Rewind, play stop, take notes, play, stop, rewind, play, stop take notes…

Usually, just before I watch documentaries like this, I always have this thing, where I say to myself: Are these speakers actually qualified to talk on this subject or they are a bunch of weed smoking, “I’M ENLIGHTENED” kinda people?
Most times there is a correlation between the two.
In this this movie, the speakers are professors with PhD in psychology, theoretical physics, quantum physics, theology, biochemistry, philosophy, work at universities such as Stanford, UCLA, Columbia and others; they are writers of bestselling books and numerous scientific publications.
One of them discovered the supersymmetric flipped SU 5 grand unified field theory. What have you done lately?

Before you read on: put this ambient music in the background for added effect:

Or this
Or just play this:


Most of these key points are the exact stuff the speakers told during the movie. Some points are questions, some are statements. For each of them there is a short explanation and opinion. Here they are:

QUESTION: Have you seen yourself through the eyes of someone else that you have become?


Imagine yourself a period from now, looking back at yourself from this point on to the point where you are in the future. Would you like to be that person or is there something you would do differently?

You can answer this question at the end after you go through the rest of the statements and questions.

STATEMENT: Much of what we know about the world is just assumptions.

Before we assumed the world was round, we assumed it was flat.

STATEMENT: The real trick in life is to be in the mystery, not the known.

Or in other words, have a child’s view of life. Unencumbered by knowledge, assumptions and presuppositions.

Keep these two statements in mind when reading the rest of the points. But first, a story.

The story of the natives of the Bahamas and Columbus’s ships arriving.

Can you imagine if there was a ship on the horizont but you could not see it even though IT WAS THERE IN FRONT OF YOU without any environmental obstructions?

Well, the natives of the Bahamas could not. When Columbus’s ships landed on the Bahamas – the natives could not see the ships even though they were in front of them. How is this possible? Because the natives have not seen a ship before and could not perceive nor imagine one, so their brain did not bother to process it.

Imagine that: you can’t SEE it because you do not know it exists.

It baffles me how can you not see something like this:

The way the natives acknowledged the ships’ existence was that the shaman noticed the unusual ripples and movement of the waves which the ships created while they were approaching the shore – in other words, he noticed something that should not happen. A glitch – and he started to explore what could be the reason for that. After a while he saw them  and slowly explained the rest of the natives what he had seen. When he explained it, everyone else could see them.

Here is a question: What things in life are we missing that we do not know exist or have such preconceived notions that prevent us from seeing, yet are IN FRONT of our eyes?

STATEMENT: If you are not observing, it can be ANYWHERE and ANYTHING.

One of the key questions that science deals with, is what happens with particles when you do not observe them? Because it is only by observing that we can record their existence and state. But when you turn around, where do these particles go? What do they do? According to quantum physics, if you are not looking/observing the particle, the particle can be in different states, different places AT ONCE. In other words, it can be anywhere.

How can a particle be in two or three places at one time? First, we do not think of particles rather objects – objects are made of many particles. Particles/atoms according to quantum physics, are just possibilities that you can experience and thus create a reality around them.

STATEMENT: Observation is the basis and one of the steps of creation.

Think of the story of the natives and the ships. The shaman had no knowledge of the existence of ships. He just observed a simple ripple in the water and took it from there to explore what could be the cause.

You can say that the shaman was an entrepreneur. He saw a problem and wanted to find out what was the cause of it. He had the ultimate child’s view of life. He was in the unknown and that is what excited him.

The shaman had a choice. Either observe the change in ripples of the water or not. Either way they were fucked. So he choose to observe them, therefore – started creating his reality that there is something out there. He started creating this reality of, unknowingly to him at that point, the existence of the ships.

He could have easily concluded that the ripples changed simply because he might have taken too many mushrooms. But NO.

Further down his observation, he followed the ripples and traced their origin. When he reached the end, or the place where the ripples began rippling, he started realizing, or creating the notion of the ships – the cause of the ripples.


It’s simple,

when you observe it, you have created a reality and therefore experienced it. The object exists because you choose to experience it.

Experiences create our world. And we have different kinds of experiences based on the emotions that we attach to them.


More like one word rather than a statement but nevertheless.

Emotions are the most sophisticated pharmacy in the universe.

Emotions are actually chemicals that are called peptides produced by the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a factory that assembles chemicals that match emotions we experience. They go into different cells in the body and activate corresponding states.

When do we trigger the production of the chemicals?

When we are faced with an event/person/thing in front of us, instantly a thought comes into mind that relates this present event with a past experience. The thought triggers the start of chemical production and carries the chemicals/emotions into different places around the body.

Let’s be clear –  the chemicals are produced during the anticipation of the event/person/thing that we are about to experience. Not during the actual process. Look at this picture:


Did you actually taste the burger and caused all that saliva to appear?

Or what about this one:

When you realize that:
  • your past experiences dictate how you view and interact with the world (ergo what kind of emotional responses you have), you can start changing things about you.
  • most of your assumptions about the world have not come from your own experiences, rather from others and society, you realize how little you know and how foolish and extreme most emotional responses are.
Do not assume anything, rather experience it and see for yourself. You can start rewiring yourself and establish control over your emotions to the point where you decide how you feel, what you feel and what you do to feel that way you want to feel.
I am not saying do not have a hard on when you see a hot girl. Just control it.

Watch the short water experiment by Dr Masaru Emoto.

The point of the experiment: if  emotionalized thoughts can do that to water, imagine what thoughts can do to our bodies which are made of 80% water.

Heavy stuff bro.
Think about the following idea: a man can get a hard on INSTANTLY just by thinking of one SINGLE thought. That is how strong thoughts are.
Sometimes thoughts can become so addictive that we create – you guessed it – addictions. The extreme feeling of a chemical rush cascaded throughout the body – something you can’t stop or think you can’t.
We allow to bring to ourselves situations that will fulfill the chemical craving of the cells of our body.
How to stop the craving? By stopping to observe the craving. Stopping means rewiring and breaking old habits and addictions.

STATEMENT: So, when we start observing, we are no longer the automated body mind emotional person.

We start breaking old neural nets and replacing them with new ones – we create new habits. Just like the shaman dude – he could have just noticed the ripples and say “just ripples acting crazy and shit” and went about his way. But he did not. He was an entrepreneur.

The ultimate neural net breaking technique?

Nervous breakdown. The demolition of old beliefs, structures and patterns that defined our life and how we viewed life, before that breakdown. These things happen after, break ups, life threatening events etc…

When you think about these stuff, immediately to mind come questions such as:

  • If I change my mind will I change my choices?
  • If I change my choices will my life change?
  • Why can’t I change?
  • What am I addicted to?
  • What will I loose that I am chemically attached to?
  • What person/place thing time or event that i am chemically attached to that i don’t wanna loose because i may have to experience that chemical withdrawal from that?

If they have come to mind, that means you began to change. Good for you.

The overarching point of this movie:

A year from now, would you like to see yourself changed, in control of your emotions, and learn something while you are at it?
P.S. Go and eat a good burger once in a while. You never know where will it take you and what you will learn.

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