Ancient Entrepreneurs: Hermes

Hermes was probably the first entrepreneur that ever existed.

He created an invention so important, so crucial to life, that without it, people on the Balkans would die or would be drowning in sorrow, hate, anger and hunger.  Life would be meaningless  without his invention.

His invention?

He made ajvar available during the winter, thanks to his patented method called “hermetic sealant for ajvar jars.”

How did he invent the hermetic sealant for ajvar jars?

Hermes lived in ancient times. He was less known for being a god and being a messenger for the gods, than for being the inventor of the above mentioned method.

Nevertheless, while being as a messenger for the gods, he secretly peeked in all the letters they gave him to deliver. So as a result, he KNEW EVERYTHING. Everything that was going on everywhere regarding anything and everyone.

Most of his lifetime was spent traveling between the realm of the gods, and the Balkans.

Why the Balkans?

Hermes enjoyed delicious food and the first time he came to the Balkans he immediately fell in love with one particular food.


And he only accepted ajvar made by grandmothers.

Because they were the best cooks and still are.

So every time he would come to Earth he would stay with the grandmothers for the whole summer and autumn, enjoying great food and drinks.

These were some of his best grandmother friends.


Image result for balkan grandmothers meme

So grandmother’s fed him ajvar.

In return, he gave them the three universal wisdoms:

Create with love.

Create delicious recipes and beautifull sweaters.



Always find something to do around the house and yard.


He taught them to be observant of their environment and keep an eye for EVERYTHING that happens.

He even made a tablet containing the rules of these wisdoms:

Be wary of promaja even if all windows are closed.5b3622219891da634db4f77bcef44d9d3b2496f91d9ae5be34ad4c3815fbcd5d_1

Vegeta is the 6th element that permeates everything and everywhere. Use it wisely.


Data is key to control and knowledge. Observe and gather as much as possible.11856604_1681512238728539_41628060_n

Serve good Sarma and good Sarma will be served back to you.


Have a Doctor in the family.


Harmony and peace ensued.

But once he came to the Balkans during the winter. And there was no Ajvar.

The grandmothers explained to him that there is no way to preserve Ajvar for so long and that is why there is no Ajvar during the winter time.

He was sad. No Ajvar? What am I going to do? There must be to preserve ajvar during the winter as well.

While he was walking down the road he saw a young couple crazy in love. For them it felt as if time had stopped.

Anyways, Hermes came closer and listened to a one sentence that made him realize something:

“You take my breath away. 


The air is the problem. If I can take the air away from the Ajvar and keep it airfree, I can have ajvar for the whole winter.

Being the entrepreneur that he is,  he quickly created a very rough prototype of the hermetic sealer and gave it to the grandmothers for testing.


They loved it.

Soon after, every grandmother had one. The hermetic sealer spread like a virus throughout the Balkans. It was the next big thing.

In order to express their eternal gratitude, grandmothers from all around the balkans, created the infamous ajvar making day. A day that sometimes lasts two days and celebrates Hermes’s gifts and existence.

So what was the lesson of this story?

  • Find out what would make you the happiest.
  • See what is preventing you from having that thing that will make you the happiest.
  • Walk around town and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations for inspiration.
  • Solve the problem for yourself and introduce your solution to others.
  • Eat some ajvar and make it rain.




P.S. This is hilarious:


P.P.S  This site here

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