Kubo and the two strings: lessons from a japanese boy.

I love animated movies. Maybe because Pixar (and the other less known animation studios) just does damn good storytelling that gets to you in ways you can’t imagine.

We people are suckers for stories. Just ask your mind: Would you like to hear a good story?

According to my experience there are no bad animated movies. All have a superb narrative, story telling, characters and plot line.

Of course, not all animated movies are perfect, but I am not searching for perfection. There is a certain sweet spot that an animated movie can hit within me, that will make me forget the bad parts of the movie (if any exist at all). Which leads me to the movie I watched:

Kubo and the two strings.

A one eyed Japanese boy on a journey to find a sacred armor that he will use to fight evil spirits.

I mean, who does not love one eyed Japanese boys?!


OK that came out wrong.

But in any case if the Japanese thing didn’t sell then keep in mind that he has two very funny and lovable companions: A very strict teacher monkey and a clumsy beetle samurai warrior that helped Kubo complete his journey.

Sometimes when you watch a movie, some of the lines that the story writers have created, touch you in a certain way that make you want to store them somewhere and read them for later. One of the reasons this happens is because you relate to these lines. Another one could be just because the line, coupled with the visual part of the scene and the music and voice just do their part fucking perfectly.

The following list is exactly that. Lines that just did their part perfectly for me:

  • Her tears were so strong and pure – when they fell onto the strings of the guitar they created the most beautiful sounds.
  • Dreams are powerful – they can manifest as much as you believe in them.
  • Establish control – concentrate on what you are doing and don’t mess with the monkey.
  • If you don’t remember then how do you know? I get flashes, smells of something familiar.
  • Kubo is powerful but he cannot control his power because he is too inexperienced.
  • How do you SEE a song? You look. 
  • Memories are the most powerful type of magic

I will not explain these lines because i will spoil the movie and besides most of them are self explanatory (maybe the song line makes you think WTF)

Watch it first. Afterwards, come back and you will know what each of these meant.



P.S. Especially after reading the book Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull (the founder of Pixar) did I truly understand the importance of stories. Read it or not, I will give you a short summary of the book next week. There are some truly inspiring stuff inside.

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