What is the next step in outsourcing?

First labor outsourcing happened.

Customer service and most other business processes were started being handled by huge outsourcing firms.

Then automation software happened,

which started substituting labor completely. Now, one developer can create a simple software that can do a task much more efficiently, cost effectively and with higher quality than a group of people can (bye bye to the labor outsourcing companies)

What’s next?

We automate everything. We even start automating the automated. Then automate the automated automations.

Think about it this way:

We first outsource our people. Then we figure out that we can create programs and software that can automate most tasks that these outsourced people do (and most tasks that are done by the core business).

What if

we create a software that will create its own automation software? The ultimate developer? What happens then?

Probably this is where A.I. and machine learning is headed. Although most AI and machine learning are in the very beginning right now, soon enough we could be facing a situation like the following:

You imagine an idea,

or just think of a tedious task that you do not wish to do anymore, write it down in an app and just press this button here:

And your idea is done and delivered to you in the format that you want it. Not only that, but this “ultimate developer” takes your idea, finds the appropriate market, validates your idea, starts selling it and along the way works to improve it so that it maintains the competitive edge.

All it took was you, while you were chillin on a beach somewhere in Bali, writing down a brief of your idea, some additional information and clicking on a single red button.

Wouldn’t that be nifty?

In that case everybody, particularly non IT people, become a developer.

That raises another question:

What happens next?

Will we get to a point where even the red button becomes obsolete and you just think of an idea and it instantly becomes a reality?




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