What do work and women have in common? A scientific approach.


In both cases we are looking for the experience called relationship.

Let’s break it down. What do we want

Women wise:

We are looking for someone in our life that we would want to spend at least one morning with.

Work wise:

We are looking for the  near-perfect market or client that we would want to make at least one deal with.

In both cases the same principles work:

  • To find that near perfect person/client you would need to experiment and fail a lot.
  • The experience that we gain from the experience matters more than the end goal.
  • By focusing on the experience and making the experience better, we become better with both women and work.

What if I do not know which person/client I am looking for?

Assume. In fact it’s highly advisable in the beginning not to know which person or client you are looking for because, knowing, puts you in a place of danger where you stop experimenting because you think you know. Things change fast and make knowledge obsolete the moment you think you know something.

Assumptions on the other hand put you in a place of not knowing and make you explore to find out if that assumption is true or not. Which consequently makes you create new assumptions and explore even more.

The greatest benefit of assumptions?

You focus on the experience. The more you experience the better you become at experiencing.

The uber greatest benefit of assumptions?

We as individuals learn what WE really want, love and need in our life.

The uber-est of benefits?

Both sides benefit.

  • The client works with someone that has had a ton of experience and knows how to do what he does best.
  • The woman gets someone that knows  what he is looking for in life and knows how to get it.

What to do, now that you know this ground breaking and mindblowing lesson about the commonalities between work and relationships:

Assuming that you do not know, just like i didn’t, what kind of a client or woman you want, then you can do the following steps.

  • Make an assumption for both clients and women.
    • Assume the kind of client or woman you THINK you want
  • Approach clients and approach women.
    • Show value and understand them.
      • Showing value
        • Why would they spend time with you? What do you bring to the table? What is it that makes you unique?
      • Understanding them
        • We have to understand what is the pain our clients are having in order to provide them with the solution.
        • Find common grounds and establish rapport.
  • Fail, learn why you failed (or read books written by people who have failed and avoid failing) and use that for the next time you experiment
    • The more you fail and LEARN why you failed – the less you will fail in the future.

You can’t treat women and clients as experiments.


I am treating them as an experience.

Besides, It’s just a perspective. You can either accept it, or not.



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