The only technique to make you write great stuff (includes a story about a seduction)

“I have no idea what to write about”

“I have no inspiration”

“Lemme have one more drink and I will start writing”

“I don’t feel it”

Some of the most common excuses my brain uses to avoid writing.

Writing about what bbdirector?

Anything. A new blog post, a cold email to a potential client, a book, a billion dollar idea…

I know it’s a problem.

Luckily I found a solution that my brain did not like but I implemented it nevertheless.

What is the solution? Let me tell you first how it came to mind.

Today, while I was coming back from a massage, I noticed a shop that sold 200ml bottles filled with premium perfumes. I was on a spending spree that day and figured I might get a new perfume as well.

I did the massage to alleviate some post ski pain. When done by a pro, a massage works wonders.

My chakras were open, energy was flowing, i was seeing rainbows everywhere. Was generally feeling chilled AS FUCK.

I entered the shop. Inside, by default, there was this gorgeous sales girl.

The following two minutes in the shop are a prime example of supreme seduction.

When I came in, she had her hair in a bun and a had a very bored look on her face. Silence and the smell of perfumes filled the shop.

Hey  – I looked at her with sleepy eyes and a sly smile.


There is this moment when you are in a presence of a such a chilled out, smiling guy, who radiates this attractive refreshing energy, that he instills emotions which hijack your brain and make you start to groom yourself in front of him. That is exactly what she did.

Can I smell the bvlgari aqva please? – me with the same smile but this time I was looking down at the list of perfumes and could just see her with my peripheral vision. She was hot.

Of course – the way she said it, sounded as “you can smell whatever you want boy” and was said so vibrantly that you could hear every tone of her voice in those two words.

I smelled it. Reminded me of the same great perfume I once wore.

OK I will get this one… – then i noticed this other perfume with an interesting name.

Let me try the Eros as well… – at that point she lost it.

I tried it and got that one as well.

While she was packing them up, I took a bite from one of the cummin sticks that I bought from a  health store just next to the perfume shop.

Damn… these sticks are just so damn good. I bought them from that healthy food store…

Yeah I always eat there… she responded as she was giving me the perfumes. Hmmm… she was qualifying…good.

Then i took a long pause to button up my coat. I think I was buttoning it up for 45 seconds. And I did not say anything. I was just looking at my buttons with the same smile and sleepy eyes. Wanted to make the situation a bit uncomfortable.

Doooo you want me to pack them up in boxes for you? – she broke the silence.

…It does not matter… – It really did not matter at that point 😀

Took another pause as I was preparing to leave.

So…. are you here everyday? – I asked her but did not look at her as this time I was seriously having problems buttoning up the last button and had to focus there. But I was still sly smiling and sleepy eyeing those buttons.

Yeah…. she confirmed with the word and the nodding and the eyebrow raise.

Well then… i will see you soon… I told her with the same smile and eyes.

What struck me was how she looked and behaved at that moment.

  • Her hair was loose and spread out all over her shoulders.
  • She had turned on the radio.
  • She had bent over, with her hands on the front desk, head slightly tilted to the side and had this smile that was just so fucking amazing.

Of course… she replied without flinching.

There is something about a woman that when she feels your relaxed energy and takes it, she give is back at you but with a threefold increase in intensity and size.

I exited the shop, which was now full of the smell of perfumes, music and the rejuvenating energy of a gorgeous girl.

Then it hit me (the solution to my problem)

Stop thinking and just write. The good stuff will emerge during the writing.

Think of writing as the baby who takes his first step and crashes down. Its a very shitty and retarded step. Much like your writing in the beginning. Plain Awful. Non recyclable garbage.

And then the baby stands up and takes another step and falls. Still shitty but this time a bit better.

Then he stands up again takes several steps. Bravo. Your writing becomes clearer and more starts to make sense. You start getting in the zone.

And then the kid starts walking just like any other person.

He just starts walking and stops thinking about it. Step by step, he just owns the floor.

Same with you. You become Hemingway and start spitting out words on paper.




start putting the first thing that comes to mind, on paper. And then put the next thing and so on and so on until the words just roll out by themselves and the good stuff comes out.

It is like you inspiration is hiding below layers of shitty and useless words and sentences that your brain has accumulated and uses them as an excuse for you not to write.

But you are a fighter and and a writer, and you will peel out those layers of shitty words, and lay them out on a piece of paper. Only after you peel them, will you get to the good stuff.

That’s it.

How was the story of the girl related to this solution for writing?

Let me ask YOU a question. How is it NOT related?




P.S. Tomorrow I am seeing her.

P.P.S. The song on the radio:


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