What if Google started recognizing honesty?

I am very lazy when it comes to promoting my blog.

Experts like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn (and everybody else) stress the importance of marketing (including SEO, guest blogging, commenting etc etc) if you want your blog to become successful.


I felt that if I shell out great content, I would rake in thousands of viewers.

Just content and no marketing at all.

“You never know when someone important somehow stumbles onto your blog and realizes your potential and offers you a 6 figure check to start writing for him instead.”


“Readers will search for my great content”

My favourite: “It will manifest because I am thinking about it constantly”

That were some of the comforting thoughts that came into mind every time I wrote.

The end result: It did not work. Despite the fact that the content was not great.

That was in 2016.

In 2017, i’m focused on shelling out honest content. One post per day for the rest of the year. The only reason I want to do this is to

  • improve the writing (structure, grammar etc) and
  • get into a habit of writing good content fast and efficiently

I do not care about marketing this year.

The first post I wrote this year, was the 1st of January, 2018 smile. (btw I just realized that the grammar of that headline could be better)

The post was honest. Everything in it was pure me, my reality and my fears. There was love, anger, fear, hate, happiness and every other possible emotional state you can imagine.

“When I was reading it, I felt so real. It was so simple and well written, it made me relate to you seamlessly” – a friend of mine told me after reading it.

It was the first post that got 500% more views than the rest of the posts.

“So, if you had 1 view per post, for the other posts, then this one had 5 in total?” – the same friend of mine. Thanks dude.


No, the post got a lot of views. And it got them just because it was honest (and to be honest, it was very well written. I tried so hard)

Which made me think.

People love honesty and love to read content that emanates pure emotions that they can relate to.

So, why not make a search engine that will recognize this honesty and pure emotions in content? An engine that will know if you are writing it just because you want rankings, money or because it is really something that you love to write about and you are being honest about it?

What if google integrated this kind of algorithm in their search engine?

That would mean…







So, what exactly would this algorithm recognize and rank?

Lets put it this way, if the content you write about is not something you want to write about, but do it anyways just to make money and get famous then googles ranks you down.

Or in other words, if you do it for material gain and not because YOU REALLY love to do it, the algorithm will “feel” you and down rank you.

OR in totally different words,

Google would recognize your bullshit and “flush your rankings down the toilet”

Who would be affected by this algorithm?

Who wouldn’t be?

How disruptive is this algorithm?

This would make SEO and the rest of the marketing tactics obsolete, amongst other things.

Your content would have to be honest and would have to be written because you love to write it.

What would be the biggest benefit?

You would have to be real if you want to be ranked high online.

How important is to be ranked high online?


How important is to be honest?


Is there a need for this kind of an algorithm?

Most definitely YES.

How would this algorithm do any good?

Besides helping us, the people that hate marketing, it would make people be honest about what they want to write about, create or just do online.

Is it just for content?

Content is what fills billions of pages. Without content, you would have no pages. Even a name of the page is considered to be content.

Who is not being honest right now? Who writes about stuff they do not want to write about and write only about material gain?

What do you think?






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