The first Macedonian company that starts the day with physicall excercise. 

If you haven’t introduced physical exercises as part of your employees daily routine, your business will fail. 

If you have introduced it, but it’s something else rather than Zumba, you will be better of going broke rather than facing the wrath of your employees for preventing them to taste the world of Zumba.

“Her zumba will make you cry, sweat, smile, get angry, get sad. Then again, the ultimate purpose in life is to be free and express yourself through your body.

You haven’t tried life, until you try Zumba for work” – a bbdirector in the making

We here at ValosoHub did Zumba. The day that followed can be compared to this scene:

Afterwards, we conquered everything that could have been conquered during that day.

The class lasted for 20 minutes and was run by Kate, a professional zumba coach. That is me in the red shirt IN THE FRONT where the true bbdirectors stand!


Why Zumba?

Why not?

Why during work?

Why the morning?

Because you are still sleeping and you need someone to wake your body up before your mind wakes up and says:

Why would we want our body to wake up before the mind?

How many of us potential bbdirectors  get up every morning and start exercising, and conquer the world afterwards?

Most of us.

How many of the non potential  bbdirectors do the same?



Because when you wake up, the first thing that you do is:

Then you hate yourself and want to die (afterwhich you go to work)

How do we bbdirectors manage to wake our bodies before our mind does?

We just do. It’s who we are. And we are happy while we do it.

That sounds so easy and simple. I will do the same for my company!

You should and you are welcomed.

Here is the full post about the class



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