How can procrastinating on youtube benefit you?

A good friend of mine recommended Elliott Hulse. For those of you who do not know him, he is a youtube health/fitness guru star that teaches people on how to become a better version of yourself (physically, mentally and spiritually). So I decided to spend two hours of this gloomy foggy Saturday to see what he is like. This was a procrastination that was worth the time.

Why is Elliott different than the rest?

For starters, he is a very honest man and easily relatable. When he talks, you can feel the pain/anger/happiness/chillness in his voice and easily establish internet rapport with him. You know that he has been through these emotions and that it is something you are going through as well.

Second, all of his advice on how to become a better version of yourself, including advice about physical exercise, meditation, spiritual growth, mental mastery and obeying the laws of nature, draw roots from the Hindu and Buddhist teachers such as the great Osho.

I watched several youtube videos to see if he was for real and summed up some of the most impactful thoughts that he had on relationships and self mastery. You might not agree on all of them and that is completely OK.

Lesson 1. The body is a manifestation of the psychological character of an individual. Which means how you feel and what you feel at any particular moment, the body will manifest. Or at least try to manifest to the point where you allow it. The less you allow it, the worse you will be.

Lesson 2. Why do our dicks fail to load in the presence of a woman, and succeed to load when watching porn? It’s because when you watch porn, you are essentially having sex with your brain. In reality sex is done between the hearts of two people. So when you meet a woman, your brain tries to connect with her heart and fails. The solution is either the nofap/no porn challenge or rewire yourself by interacting with women. Or both.

Lesson 3. Your body is spontaneous in it’s own way. It does what it is supposed to do at the right time. Your body is not stupid. It is more intelligent than your brain so do not get in his way. And most importantly, do not feel guilty about how it feels. Guilt is just a socially artificial, non natural norm that is imposed on the body. For example if the body feels attracted to a woman, don’t feel guilty about it. Accept it and say “damn I am attracted to this woman. She is beautiful.” then breathe in and smile. And then tell your friends to make fun of you. And tell her afterwards.

Lesson 4. Appreciate her but do not need her. Enjoy being attracted to a woman. Appreciate her and the attraction there is between you two. When does appreciation end? When you start being needy. When you start needing her, means you stop appreciating the full worth of yourself and start looking for that worth in her – and wanting her worth as yours. You cannot own someone.

Lesson 5. Greed is the number one reason why relationships fail. If you get in a relationship because you want that girl just because you want to fuck her and own her, and not because you appreciate that girl to a point where you would die for her, then the relationship is doomed to fail. Why? The moment you get the girl, the moment she stops being interesting. Think of when you wanted a toy when you were a kid. The moment you got it just because you needed that toy, the moment you forgot about it.

The following are the same videos from which I extracted the lessons. Go ahead and sift through them. You might learn something I didn’t and feel compelled to share it with us here.

Video 1 | 12 minutes:  How to get and maintain your testosterone levels high by respecting the Catabolic vs Anabolic cycle. – IT’S SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE!

Video 2 | 23 minutes : The importance of daily ritual and sleep. THE IMPORTANCE WILL AMAZE YOU!

Video 3 | 11 minutes: One of the best and most effective stretching techniques I have seen.

Video 5 | 9 minutes: Why it’s hard to keep it..hard in the presence of a woman and easy when watching porn. 

Video 7: 11 minutes. Why we can’t get women off our brain and why most relationships don’t work out.

It’s amazing how much useful information someone can fit into less than one hour of youtube videos.

It is also amazing how much useless information you can find on youtube, like this one:



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