Chilled out Sunday procrastination with Alan Watts.


Part of being a bbdirector means procrastinating a lot and Sunday is one of the best days for that. Today I sat for 4 hours and listened to Alan Watts.

What’s the deal with him?

Besides being a priest, a philosopher, a writer, speaker and one of the few people who popularized Eastern philosophies to the western world, he is one of the few people that can chew up the complexity of life and spit it out in very simple, eloquent terms and sprinkle them with some humor.

The following are some of the most important lessons I could extract from the videos:

  1. What’s the rush in life? Relax. Your own hunger is preventing you from getting what you want.
  2. Stop talking so much and cease codifying the surroundings with words.
  3. When was the last time you surprised yourself? For most people it is impossible to do so, yet being surprised is one of the greatest feelings in the world. How to get yourself surprised? Unlearn stuff.
  4. Don’t make things something they can’t be. A child was sitting in a meditation pose and his master came and asked him what was he doing. The child responded that he was trying to meditate. Then the master took brick and started polishing it in front of the child. The child asked him what was he doing, and the master responded that he was trying to polish the brick and make it a mirror.
  5. The person you are seeking is the person you already are.
  6. The enlightened man sits in the shade and just observes.
  7. Saying to a potential student “I have nothing to teach you” is the same as taking his watch and making him buy it from you.
  8. The more you realize for what it is, the more the ego evolves and rewards you. 
  9.  You either see the world
    1. in specifics/details
    2. in general terms
    3. or as unity of both
  10. Figure out someway that you will get paid for playing.

One of Alan Watts gems:



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