Alan Watts Tuesday Chill Mix

The following is a mashup of the most striking and AHA quotes and thoughts from the master of AHA – Alan Watts.

How to properly read them and ensure chillness:

  • Don’t think about them too much.
  • You don’t have to accept them.
  • If you do not get them, it’s okay. Just go to the next one.

Here they are:

  1. All is a reflection of everything else. How you see others and how you think of them is the same way you are at that moment.
  2. When you realize that you are nothing without everybody else – you become the kingpin.
  3. We are all brothers – we must relate to each other like apples do on an apple tree.
  4. Let go and let it happen – because  all processes in nature are spontaneous – heart beat, gland secretion – you can’t control them – they just are – and are perfect the way they are – so don’t interfere with your nature and let it do her thing.
  5. When you realize that you are destined to die one day – that realization makes you super powerful and allows you to accomplish anything.
  6. Think of your ego this way – it is afraid that it will be uncovered for what it is – nothing – so it keeps you stuck in loops, problem solving loops, and fear bound loops, so that instead of facing your fears you face something totally irrelevant.
  7. You can’t know yourself – does fire know that it is burning? That it is actual fire? That it is hot? Can a knife cut itself?
  8. When you start dissolving karma – you give notice of leaving town to your creditors – to the devil – and they give you more and more temptations throughout through life in order to give you more karma. The more you dissolve it by doing the right thing for the right reasons/clearing the debt -the more you are tempted and given and evolve.
  9. The sly man leaves town instantaneously without any prior announcement. It’s a cunning manner of becoming a buddha – without any preparation or warning and become enlightened instantly.
  10. Face your emotions and feelings through to their core. It is the only way to master them.
  11. Gurus put you through the mill because you won’t wake up until you feel you have paid the price for it. In other words the sense of guilt or anxiety is simply the way one experiences keeping the game of disguise going on. Why??
  12. You tend to put the ego and it is strongest in the body parts you can’t see – the back, the back of the head, the face…
  13. It is all just a cycle and a process that keeps on repeating itself over and over. Think about the last 5 years of your life. Has anything familiar been happening again and again?
  14. Those that realize that life is a game, play the game without any fear.
  15. The conception of god in today’s religions lacks humor, joy, happiness – they have suffering and pain throughout.
  16. Play is only justifiable to the degree it is necessary and it is necessary to the degree that furthers work – it should be spontaneous
  17. Nowadays sex is justifiable  because it is necessary only to the extent to reproduction.
  18. The urges that we get are not mechanical drives. They are our own will and biological needs so let’s get with them
  19. Sex should be fun for no reason.



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