Movie review: There is an Odysseys in all of us.

Remember when you were a kid and when you watched a certain movie, you would make facial expression similar to this:


The movie has a profound effect on you and your child persona.

For some kids, it was Gladiator, Fight Club, Blues Bros, Rounders. For others it was Superman, Batman. For me it was Odysseys.

But what really resonates with you that much to have you make those expressions? What is that thing that makes a kid get stuck in front of the TV? Is it the story or the character?

When properly done, both things mean the same and resonate the same.

Why do they resonate? Because we see ourselves in those characters and the story they are going through. We want to step into their shoes (or sandals in my case) and be the hero, conquer the world, succeed, be happy…

Sometimes, these movies make such a strong scar in our minds, that it does not fully heal until you watch the movie again. As if your mind wants to learn something. And that learning is part of the healing.

So I watched Odyssey again, but this time kept my eyes and mind open for knowledge and wisdom.

For those that have not seen the movie…

Shame on you. Then again, I did not see Gladiator until I was second year in university (2011).


Friends used to reference many scene, assuming I have watched Gladiator: Ah dude this is like in the movie Gladiator right?….Yeah dude. Exactly like in the movie. 

Shame on me.

In short, for those that have not seen Odysseys:

It is a story about a man who goes on a journey to come back to the same place from which he left in the first place.

Only this time, he has a beard.

Other than that, he tricks a whole nation, with which he is at war, to believe that he has surrendered and left them a big wooden horse as a gift to mark that surender. Brilliant Odysseys and dumb Trojans.


On that note, why would anyone name a condom brand Trojan? What does that tell you about the safety of the condom?

Odysseys is also a man that pisses of Poseidon, the god of the sea. Didn’t he realize that pissing of Poseidon is a bad idea, considering that HE NEEDED TO CROSS THE SEA in order to get back home? Aside the fact that Poseidon is a GOD.

Oh yeah, and he is also a man who leaves a small island, full of gorgeous women who have NEVER seen a man before in their life, who bathe him feed him and fuck him, on an island where he does not age, to go back to the SEA WHERE POSEIDON THE GOD WHO HE PISSED OF is just waiting for him for another round of whoop ass.

Why does he do these things?

Because he needs to learn that he is nothing without the gods. He needs to learn that as long as he holds on to his ego, he is going to suffer as much as possible.

Me, together with him, learn a lot from this story. Here are 18 of the most important lessons we learned:

  1. Not to brag about who he was and what he has done, because bragging only brings pain.
  2. Always have a band of brothers aside you that will love you because you see the good in them, despite the fact that they may be imperfect and that they will allow their biggest strength to become their demise.
  3. Gods play games, eat and laugh. They use people as pawns in their games.
  4. When it’s the god’s will, then it will happen regardless of what people say or do.
  5. The gods will reward you with special abilities (gifts) only if you USE your brain.
  6. Curiosity will kill you.
  7. Play smart not hard.
  8. Use nature to your advantage.
  9. In the realm of gods time does not exist – you get lost completely – wake up and leave and do not linger too long.
  10. Do not blame the gods for what you have done consciously.
  11. When you are not home for an extended period of time, or just are neglecting your home, it will get infested by all sorts of brigands, thieves and infections.
  12. A sacrifice must be made for the road to be shown.
  13. The day the child is born is the day the gods call the father on a journey.
  14. The number one cause why he suffered throughout his journey is because he was not grateful. He was blinded by his ego.
  15. The gods will not do for men what men won’t do for themselves.
  16. When he realizes that he has nothing and he is nobody – then Poseidon lets him live.
  17. It is always hidden in plain sight before it is revealed.
  18. To be angry is easy. To be angry for the right reasons and right moment is difficult and right.

Odyssey’s comes back from that journey as an enlightened man and reestablishes control over his kingdom. He learns the hard way what it means to be gone from home for such a long time. But nevertheless, he learns.

All of us are going through this journey one way or the other. Some of us will stay on that island with the women, some of us will piss off one too many gods and some of us hack life with brilliant ideas.

But very few people will manage to come back home. It takes perseverance, dedication, discipline and completely letting go of your ego to complete such a journey. Most importantly, learn your lesson.

Those that do, become gods.

What did I learn?

I realized that the whole movie was a metaphor for our life.

  • Odysseys woman represents the soul of a man. Pure, honest, caring and emotional.
  • The home, Itaca, represents the body of the man. A vessel of nature that has all the necessary conditions for life to grow and prosper.The home which must be guarded at all times.
  • Everything that happens on that island represents the mind.
  • The father represents control that is established over the mind.
  • The child represents the spirit. Restless and always moving.

What does this metaphor mean for us?

The more you lack control and power, the more corruption happens to the soul, the more the soul closes down, and the more the spirit gets into trouble or is repressed to the point it cannot do anything. Establishing control over the mind is key to freeing the body, the soul and the spirit to do what they do best.

It also means that, the more you are at sea, the greater the chances you will stumble upon an island full of naked women.



P.S.  The following sentence got stuck in my head. What does it mean?

You are clever but not wise. Only when you are home do you keep your eyes open. Blinded, you do not see that it is the journey itself that makes up your life. Only when you understand this do you understand the meaning of wisdom.


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