Walk of Life, part 1: Introduction

Recently I got asked on Quora the following question: What is life’s biggest trap that people fall into? I knew the answer to that. It wasn’t one of those inspirational BS that is usually written. It was a story that stuck in my mind during a trip I had in my fathers village in Serbia.

When you are surrounded with this kind of nature


And all you hear around you is birds, the wind and nothing more (it is one of the most remote places I have been to – there are only 5 people in a radius of 10 km – no cars) then you relax from the tension of the urban life and you allow your creativity to play a bit.

So, I just about to go fishing in the early morning when I saw this here


Fucking spiders man. They create a net and food just gets trapped into it.

At this time I am still a bit in the enlightened period where I see everything from a universal level and how connected it is to everything else (some more BS) – WE ARE ALL ONE kinda crap. Open mind, connecting seemingly un-connectable concepts with one another…

So it hit me.

Imagine that destiny is just a net that a spider creates, in which every single person falls into before he comes into this life?

A global bestseller – the first thought.

Too much writing, better get moving and catch some fish – second thought.

The idea percolated in my mind for a while until I stumbled upon this question on Quora. I thought, well I might as well.

So here it is. In a way this first episode is the pilot to the story and will evolve over time. Big thanks to everything that happened on that mountain, even the eye accident that left me blind for 5 days (which has some references here as well)

The walk of life. 

Part 1: Intro

This is a story about John. A guy who was about to fall into a the trap called life.

John was standing on rocky ledge, in utter confusion.

He could not remember anything from that moment backwards – why he was there, where he was – nothing.

“I am nobody!”

He heard someone yell and turned to the left. He saw a long line of people that was moving towards the very edge of the rock. The first person in the line looked like he was about to jump. John was confused.

He also noticed some kind of music coming from, everywhere, being played on keyboard…

WTF is going on?

There was a kid standing, just 5 meters right of him, throwing rocks over the ledge.

Hey kid, whats going on around here?

Ha, you are one of those aren’t you?

One of who? What is going on?

I will tell you if you give me 5 pieces of gold.

I have nothing on me kid.

You will, soon enough. -the kid said and continued:

You are currently in the Jump Zone. It is a zone that you come in when you go from one life to the other.

The sole purpose of this Zone is to figure out your destiny and whether you will have a hard/easy life, filled with riches or pain.

You see that line of people? It is called the Walk of Life and every person on that line will jump into his destiny and new life. What do they jump into?

Into a spiders web. The web is created by a very old and wise spider.

This spider sits about 10 meters below the edge from where they are jumping.

For each person that jumps from the rock, the spider weaves a net. He weaves the net either thick or very sparse depending on his destiny.

Each time a person prepares to jump, he first steps on a scale to measure his weight – not in physical weight but his weight in spirit and soul and his past doings. The more the soul and spirit are pure the more he weighs.

But, it’s not just one person that steps on the scale – 7 in total do it together at the same time.

On the other scale, three cats put gold and other stuff to balance the weight.

The purer the soul and spirit and the better the past doings, the more the cats put. When the scales are balanced, then the 7 people are ready to jump and the first one steps just before the edge.

Before he jumps, one of the cats asks the person who they are and the person screams “I am nobody”. The vibration that his voice creates, gives the spider a very clear message as to what kind of a person he is, and what kind of destiny he deserves.

He weaves the net accordingly. The person jumps. He falls. Immediately afterwards, the cats start throwing all of the gold and stuff towards the net.

Depending on how thick the net is, that is how much gold and stuff gets stuck in the net – ergo how much the person deserves in life.

The rest of the gold and stuff just falls through and is taken back to the cats for 6 more throws.

So, there is only one set amount of gold and stuff per 7 people. Depending on their destiny, they get as much as they deserve. It could happen that the last person gets nothing, or the first person gets it all.

That’s destiny. – the boy finished and threw another rock.

John could not believe what he was hearing.

Fuck this I am not going to let someone else create my own destiny.

I know you are not. That’s why I said you are one of those people. The ones that slept too much in their past life and due to a glitch, they awaken in the Jump Zone (which should not happen but it does) – the boy explained and continued…

There is a way, you know, to influence how thick the spider makes the net and whether you are the first or last one in the batch of 7.

How? – a spark of hope was born in Johns’ eyes.

The boy leaned in and said – Nobody knows this, but in order for the spider to create such net, he drinks before each knitting. He is very blind so he relies on one of us to pour him the exact amount of potion.

Just enough, and he can clearly hear you and do your net as you deserve.

Too much or too little and the net gets messed up and gets either too thick, too sparse or even worse no net at all.

So you can do this for me right? Help me get all the gold? – John asked.

No, you will have to do it yourself – the boy stepped back and continued – It is a journey that no one will take for you, but I can help you point you in the right direction. Just remember that you only have 24 minutes from the moment you come here to the moment you need to join the batch of 7 and do the Walk of Life.

Why 24 minutes? I thought time only existed in the human world? – John was confused.

It’s a story you idiot. You will soon find out why. Now go, and make your destiny. It won’t be easy and you will be in many Dire Straits, but if you want it bad enough, you will make it – the boy said and continued throwing rocks. – the entrance to where you need to go is over there in that cave.

Dire Straits…that reminds me of something or someone I cant remember what… – John could not remember and continued towards the cave entrance, while the keyboard music playing in the background was turning up.

Hey but how am I going to be sure I’m the first one in the batch? – John asked.

I will let you know along the way if you give me 5 more gold pieces.

Sure, kid whatever. You are all about the gold aren’t you?

The boy did not answer but had a face as if he knew that the gold was NOT for nothing.

And so John and the boy entered the cave and his story began.


Questions, comments suggestions? Feel free to write. We continue on with John’s story soon…

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