40 Tactics to Help You Get More LinkedIn Page Followers

Looking to Get More Linkedin Page Followers? You’re in the right place.

While much of the focus over the last few years on social media has been on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base to more than 500 million users. And we’ve seen first-hand that businesses are working hard on perfecting their LinkedIn marketing strategy so that they can tap into the world’s largest professional network.

With these simple 40-step tactics your business can accelerate the growth of your Company Page by up to 10,000 followers.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Having a 100% complete profile makes you 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. And since only 50.5% of all LinkedIn profiles are complete, you can beat half the competition!

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Add A Cover Image And Logo

Add a cover image and logo

Choose a cover image to capture the feel of your business. The image should be 1536 x 768 pixels. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, your company logo takes the place of your profile picture on other social networks. Your logo also appears on your employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Use a square logo sized to 300 x 300 pixels. Don’t skip this step! LinkedIn data shows that companies with logos get six times more traffic to their Company Pages.

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Create A Consisting Posting Schedule

According to LinkedIn, businesses that post at least once per month have been shown to gain followers 6X faster than those that don’t.In addition, Company Pages with at least 150 followers typically get 5X more Company Page views than those with fewer followers!You should aim to post at least once per week to your Company Page to keep your followers engaged (we post twice per week).

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Add Relevant Information To Your LinkedIn Company Profile

If you are wondering how to create a company page on LinkedIn that is captivating, you are not alone. Choosing the right category, for example, can mean that people looking for profiles like your company can find you more easily. Adding a catchy description with a great header image can also help you stand out from the competition.

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Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

Finding And Using The Right Hashtags

Organic reach on LinkedIn is really great. Using the right hashtags helps you to get in front of the right audience. LinkedIn posts with 0 hashtags, will mainly be seen by your followers and connections of people that interact with that post. Posts with the right hashtags will be seen by people who are not following you yet and you’re not connected with.

LinkedIn is even encouraging you to use hashtags. They want to catch up on being a content platform like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Work with LinkedIn and you will get rewarded. When posting on your LinkedIn company page, you’ll see that the post-builder is helping to use relevant hashtags.

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Write About What You Know The Best

Sometimes, these articles attract a lot of attention and engagement from readers. But we’ve discovered a pattern in our writing: Whenever we write about a topic we are deeply familiar with–topics we can write about without having to dip into other sources and quote experts or cite research– the article flows more quickly and easily during the writing and editing process.

And it’s these articles that tend to attract the most reader engagement, as measured by comments, likes, and social shares. Even when we do write an article that we’ve researched thoroughly, we still try to tie the results from the research back to something we know about from personal experience. We add our own personal commentary about what the research means for us.

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Find Highly Targeted Customers And Connections

The targeting on LinkedIn is unparalleled in the realm of digital advertising. Small businesses can zero in on the exact industry, company size and job role [of the people] that they know typically would buy their product or service.

For example, if you are selling customer support software to small businesses in the United States, you can set your advertising campaigns to only be showing to businesses [that are] under 100 employees, based in America — and within that grouping, only to executives at those companies with a customer-support title.

Curated from Business News Daily.

Grow Your Network

Grow your network

Just like any other social media channel, networking is the name of the game for succeeding on LinkedIn.

You need to begin by connecting with people from your industry – but before you start sending InMails and connection requests haphazardly, don’t forget to also:

  • Create a powerful profile – it’ll serve as your elevator pitch
  • Highlight your achievements – create a great first-impression

These two, simple elements can do your LinkedIn presence a world of good.

Curated from Social Media Today

Increase Followers On Your LinkedIn Company Page With Follower Ads

Now LinkedIn Dynamic Ads provides you with the option to expand your audience and acquire more followers for your LinkedIn Company or Showcase Page, and grow your influence when they see and engage with the organic content you share on LinkedIn.

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Having Many Followers Attracts More

Buying LinkedIn followers is particularly worthwhile if you’ve already managed to gain a certain number of followers for your account. This is easiest in the beginning, as you no doubt know a group of people who will gladly support you in your ventures: friends, acquaintances, customers, suppliers, sponsors, business partners and co-workers or employees.

If you’ve exhausted the possibilities offered by your close and wider private and business circle, it will be somewhat harder to find new connections and to increase follow-up numbers. At this point, it’s important to know whether you’ve succeeded in winning popularity with high-quality content and in attracting the attention of other LinkedIn users.

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Install The LinkedIn Follow Button On Your Website

Install The LinkedIn Follow Button On Your Website

This is a no-brainer. Having a LinkedIn follow button gives people an easy way to follow you on LinkedIn. Follow this link for complete instructions to grab the code and install the LinkedIn follow button.

Curated from Tech Wyse.

Post Images And Video To Capture Follower Interest

Using a photo in your LinkedIn content can increase views up to 11 times. And posts with videos tend to get more engagement than posts without. Keep your content interesting by using both in addition to links or text posts.

  • Disney does a great job sharing media on their LinkedIn; they used a Star Wars photo to promote an article about their new theme park technology.
  • When you have consistent, enticing content already on your LinkedIn page, users are more likely to follow then.

Curated from wikiHow

Specify What Your Business Is About

Your business page should reflect your image, since it is the first thing people will see after they follow you. First impressions matter! To appear credible and trustworthy, provide credible information about your business.

Present a clear photo that shows what your business is about. Doing so will get other visitors to become followers.

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Join And Engage In LinkedIn Groups

Join And Engage In LinkedIn Groups

Company pages cannot join groups and your PR firm team cannot do this for you – it’s not allowed. This is probably one of the best ways to start conversations and let people know about you and your company, though it can’t be overly promotional.

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Tag People And Organizations In Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn allows you to tag people, companies or organizations in your post. All you have to do is to type the @ key. As in for your email address. Then slowly type out the name of either the person or the company. Sometimes you must be connected to the person. Or the person has to be a second-level of connection of you on LinkedIn. To find the relevant person.

If you do, you have a great opportunity to grow your audience. Often Times people will get an instant notification. For company pages, it can be a little bit more difficult, because not every company page is monitored and not every company page is engaging. But especially if you’re tagging people, you will find that they will often engage with your posts.

They will leave a comment or like or share. This will be then shown to their audience. Some of those people will come over to your post. And will become followers of you and this will grow your audience in 2020.

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Use Your Employees to Boost Your Engagement

Use Your Employees to Boost Your Engagement

Your employees can help to boost your LinkedIn engagement and following in these four ways:

  • Make sure all your employees add your company as their workplace; this will automatically make them followers.
  •  Encourage your team to keep their eyes open when scrolling LinkedIn. Get them to screenshot or send you the links to content that sparks an interest.
  •  Ask your employees to regularly share the link to your company page from their personal LinkedIn accounts.
  • Every time you post on LinkedIn, copy the sharing link and email it to your entire team with the subject line: Like and Share. It will take less than ten seconds. The LinkedIn algorithm loves when a post quickly receives likes because it categorises the content as highly relevant and useful. So, get your team on the like-train asap!

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Write A Blog Post About LinkedIn, And Link To Your Page Within The Post

For instance, “8 Marketing Companies You Need to Follow on LinkedIn”. This type of post not only sends referral traffic to your company page, but it may also get you ranking in Google for LinkedIn related keywords (e.g., renovation companies LinkedIn). Of course, first you’d need to setup and start a blog, promote it and build a stable audience.

Curated from Smartlrecruiters blog

Ask Questions

Questioning is a starter of any good conversation which leads to getting good results. So ask questions to your followers. Linkedin gets around 50% more engagement and comment than posts.

Curated from Dmmates.

Use Showcase Pages With Images

Showcase Pages” are subpages on your Business Page, and they have their own followers.  You can make as many as ten Showcase Pages, but don’t make more than you can maintain. Plan to update your Showcase Page content at least once a week. Successful Showcase Pages include professional and career advice, job openings, and employee spotlight pages. Use lots of images, videos, and GIFs to make your pages pop.  Don’t be afraid to ask employees to contribute on a regular basis, and keep company self-promotion to a minimum (about 10% of content).

Curated from Hvma Social Media.

Social Media

Promote your LinkedIn page via your other marketing channels

Let’s face it. Social media websites are based on an algorithm that makes sure that certain posts are shown as opposed to others. Promote your LinkedIn page via your other marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, your email list, etc.

Use LinkedIn Company Page Analytics

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics is really useful for tracking how many visitors see your page, and how many followers you have. Plus, you can see how many people are viewing your page from desktops or cell phones as well. With LinkedIn Company Page Analytics, it’s simple to see where your followers are coming from with its easy-to-use statistics. You can find information like:

  • Size of their companies
  • Type of industry
  • Position in their field
  • Location of their business

LinkedIn Company Page Analytics can show you exactly which followers are the result of organic or paid traffic. You can also see how many shares, comments, and likes that your posts are getting with this handy tool too.

The reason you want to keep track of all of this information is because it’s a wise way to analyze your company’s performance online. Experiment with posting different content to see what posts resonate with your audience.

Curated from Five channels

Guide To LinkedIn Content That Converts

The LinkedIn algorithm is different. You can notice sometimes the first post you see can be 3 weeks old, but the algorithm decided that it is relevant to your interests. Overall, the LinkedIn algorithm is one of the hardest to understand, but it is not rocket science.

Curated from Sociality

Prioritize Replying to Comments on Your LinkedIn Posts to Build on Initial Post Interactions

Prioritize Replying to Comments

After you post content on LinkedIn, don’t just forget it and move on. You’ll get more engagement and organic reach if you come back and reply to comments a couple of hours later. When you do this, people who previously commented on the post will be notified about your response and they’ll be more likely to return and continue engaging. Don’t do this right away, though.

Wait at least a couple of hours and then reply to a few comments. After 12–24 hours, return and do it again. If you’re starting out, this waiting period is essential because you might not have many comments to reply to overall. If you reply to everything in the first 2 hours, you’ll have nothing to keep the post going later.

When you do reply to someone, you can ask them a question, clarify your point (if they had a question or concern), and things like that. You could also thank people for leaving positive comments. If someone says, “Great post,” reply by saying, “I’m glad this was helpful. Thanks so much!”

Curated from Social Media Examiner

Post Daily Quotes

People love quotes! Quotes are a simple, motivational way to keep your posts regular and your name out there. Use an app that is simply a library of searchable quotes.

Curated from Reddit.

Promote Your Company Page

Promote your company page outside of LinkedIn. Link to your company page in your marketing communications, email signatures, and blogs and add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website. It can take time to increase your LinkedIn company page followers so be patient!

Curated from Trevisan Social Media Marketing.

Set Monthly Growth Goals

Getting from 100 connections to 500+ seems like an impossible feat. However, if you divide that number over many weeks or months, it doesn’t seem so insurmountable. For example, instead of setting a goal of going from 100 connections to 500+, try setting your goal to 175 connections within two weeks; then repeat. Remember, the key to setting goals is to make them realistic. Exercise some caution, however. It’s still important to maintain proper LinkedIn etiquette and refrain from spamming people you don’t know. Quality matters more than quantity.

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Spotlight Ad

Dynamic spotlight ads, allow you to configure a call to action (button) with a link to a landing page. Therefore, they are more oriented to conversion. Regarding segmentation, to say that the process is identical to any other campaign, we can segment according to any of the segmentation criteria of the LinkedIn campaign manager.

The particularity of this ad format is that we can customize the ad with information about the user and our company. From our point of view this can make a lot of sense if the user is in the “bottom of the funnel” and we want to get an action of value as he might request a demo.

Curated from Magnetica Advertising.

Ensure Your Employees Complete Their Personal LinkedIn profiles

If all your employees have a complete and up to date profile your company will be more visible in search results.

Curated from Straight Marketing.

Include Visuals In Your Posts

Visuals make a big difference in an overcrowded LinkedIn feeds and keep you stand unique among others. Including visuals in your LinkedIn posts can help you attract new followers as well as engage your existing followers. In fact, on any social site including LinkedIn, posts with visuals get 94% more engagement in comparison to posts without any visuals.

By including images and videos in your posts, your contents become more understandable, memorable, and attractive and thus receive higher engagement over text-only posts. Long story short, visual posts are friendly to our brain which makes things easier to understand and memorable.

Curated from Rahulogy.

Use An Email List

Use The Email List

The easiest part in making connections is putting to use the email address book for harnessing a few thousand email addresses. Connecting to those known people is easy and quick. Even if their audiences are moderate, and not too relevant to the focus they are still the best place to get started.

Curated from Expert Seo Training Institute.

Create And Maintain Your Tone

On social media, people know of you by what you show them. Show them the humanity behind the brand, post faces at work, faces having fun, faces which help netizens relate to your company in a more humane way. And with each post, narrate a story. Don’t just throw up a link and give a statement. Maintain the same voice throughout different social media platforms.

How you talk on your blog, Facebook and Twitter, should reflect on your LinkedIn page as well. Be consistent and gain the confidence of your audience. And, believe me, it isn’t hard. After all, your brand is who you are – a friendly and supportive person who is out there to solve some problems or meet some needs of your consumers.

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Buy Real LinkedIn Followers

In this huge competition, it makes sense to purchase LinkedIn company page followers. There are plenty of companies that sells LinkedIn Followers and gained a good position compared to other companies.

If you are new in business you must buy followers on LinkedIn to showcase your company.

If you have a small mouth of followers you may not start in this competitive world by buy real LinkedIn followers you will get seen by various people and definitely it will help your business.

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Optimize Your Company Page For SEO

Did you know you can optimize your LinkedIn Page for search? Doing so will ensure your page is fully discoverable on major search engines like Google.

Here’s how to do it: 1) Identify and use the right keywords and 2) write a strong about us section and 3) post regular updates to your page (we will discuss this more later).

Consistent fresh content gets indexed and helps the search engine recognize your page as an active and valuable source of information.

Curated from JdSupra.

Invite Connections To Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

Firstly this is not a feature to make you feel better by boosting vanity metrics. If your page does not regularly put out high value content to existing followers there’s no point trying to get any more at this stage. Focus on creating content and building an organic reach. Loads of followers are pointless with no content.

Don’t go all-out on the invitations either. You can invite up to 50 connections per day but don’t max it out by inviting random people. Invite connections that will gain true value from the content you are posting on your page. This will increase your engagement and organic reach.  To increase the number of RELEVANT people following your LinkedIn company page, experiment with making other team members admins for a day.

If your sales team use social media for lead generation and has built good relationships with a number of prospects, get them to invite target prospects to follow the company page.  Just remember to revoke access once this has been done to ensure that no unauthorized posting goes ahead.

Curated from Barnes & Shirley.

Drive Some Serious Engagement

As mentioned earlier, the key to growing your following for free is capitalizing on earned impressions. To do that, you need some serious engagement on your content. How to make that happen?

  • Ask insightful questions and drive conversation.
  • Offer up some insights or tips within the ad copy. Make the ad itself a resource to your audience.
  • Update and analyze the news. Make it clear to your audience why it’s important to them.

Curated from Khoros 

Use SlideShare To Get More Linkedin Page Followers

LinkedIn SlideShare is a popular social media networking and marketing website where one can showcase their incredible creativity & designing skills by uploading presentations and infographics to millions of viewers worldwide for absolutely nothing.

With over 70 million active monthly users worldwide SlideShare gives a tremendous opportunity to promote your brand, products, and services for free. With the help of SlideShare, you can generate awareness for your brand or product, generate leads, increase traffic to your blog, and build an email subscribers list.

Curated from Social Hackettes.

Connect LinkedIn To Your Blog

In WordPress, you can easily connect your account to LinkedIn in order to automatically share your posts using the Jetpack plugin. This is a key component of your online conversion rate optimization efforts as it helps lead potential customers deeper into your sales funnel. Lead generation is an important aspect of LinkedIn, in case you haven’t been paying attention.

Curated from The Daily Egg.

Include A Clear Call-To-Action

Sometimes the best way to drive engagement is to ask people to take some kind of action: Click here to register! Download our free white paper! Phrases like that are known as calls-to-action (or CTAs, for short), and you should include them with just about all of your posts. But tip: Keep your CTAs clear and concise. (Complicated CTAs can result in no action at all.)

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Place A Follow Company Ad Or A Sponsored Update

These make it easy for targeted people to follow your Company Page. Follow Ads suggest your Page to the person in the form of a sidebar ad that shows their profile picture with arrows to your Page logo. Sponsored Updates increase the reach of your Page’s updates and include a text +Follow link. LinkedIn’s ad manager is at http://www.linkedin.com/ads.

Curated from My Business Presence

Use Saved Searches And Search Alerts In Recruiter

If you use LinkedIn Recruiter, you can use Saved Searches to save your search criteria — if you’re marketing job opportunities via LinkedIn, this is a great addition to your tool belt. With the feature, you can save as many searches as you want and receive alerts when new candidates match your filter refinements and criteria.

You can elect to receive daily or weekly search alerts from the system about relevant results via the Recruiter homepage.

Curated from HubSpot.

There you have it, a list of some of the best advice found on the most influential sites out there, on how to get more linkedin page followers.

Hope you enjoyed reading it and will include a few of them in your strategy.

Can’t decide if any of these will help you get more linkedin page followers? We can do a quick free 30 minute call to show you which tactics would work best for you.

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