Read the following to find out why the usual presentations don’t suceed…

An engaging presentation can be the difference between a closed door or a closed deal.

Considering how potential clients have so little time to spend on anything rather than their business, your opportunity to pitch them is shrinking by the minute. 

Your competitors know this and they are already pitching like crazy.

Let me ask you this:

Can your potential clients and audiences understand, from the first slide in your presentation, how you and your solution will help them solve their business problems? 

Does your presentation have a flow that busy potential clients will have no issue gliding through it in a matter of seconds?

Does your presentation make people buy what you sell?

Say you're an SME that develops software solutions for companies. If your initial slide, the one that a client can see before he opens the presentation, looks similar like any of the following:

Then You Definitely Need Our Help If You Want To Get New Clients.



Potential clients will decide then and there if you can help them or not and whether they should move on with the rest of the presentation.


The time your reader spends trying to understand how you help him, by looking at your first slide.


The amount of time your audience will spend reading your presentation, if you’re lucky.

1 +

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Meet The Expert

Our founder Viktor, the main pitch master and storyteller, has been working with startups and companies for the past 10 years, helping them raise funding and win client accounts.  

He has developed and presented 1000s of presentations in front of big brand names like Porsche, Flat-Icons, Phillip Morris and more. 

Do the following really quickly,

compare the next slide with the ones after: 

Imagine you were an SME owner that was struggling with productivity,  which first slide would spark your interest more? 

The vague examples or the specific one above?

Our process of creating presentations works with various industries and niches, and develops a presentation which is value driven and instills a need to engage your audience.

See how these slides tell exactly what the company does.

OK so the first slide is done.

Now what?
The first slide is key, is key but what you include in the rest of the presentation could mean the difference between closing sales and just closing the presentation after your potential client went through it.


A great deck will help you tell a good story.

A great story will win a good round. 

Responded well to my feedback, delivered what I wanted and exceeded my requirements – and did so when I needed it. Highly recommend!

Graham Moore


c-level executive

Looking to develop a fully fleshed out strategy for your next quarter or develop a pitch for a new initiative in your department.


Looking to pitch your startup or get the next round of investments.


That has the perfect speaking script outlined and wants an impactful presentation that will win the audience in the room.

Software company

That is preparing to pitch a potential client and offer your software, app or mobile development services through a meeting.

coach or mentor

That needs to effectively, and concisely present lessons in front of your students online or in a room.

account director

Looking to win a new client by preparing a detailed, factually backed up pitch.

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