About the author

I am Iljo,

an aspiring bbdirector with a heart of a seljak.

I love to eat, go fishing, and be first in everything.

Most times, you can find me in the same position that I am on the featured picture, pretending to think, write and generally look very wise. I pretend to think about the following things:

  • Who am I?
  • If I go hiking to Vodno tomorrow before work to witness the sunset, should I go to bed at 11 or 10 pm?
  • Why did Misho Kovac think she has stayed the same?
    • Why does Misho Kovac look like Ron Jeremy in the link from the previous question?
  • Why is that girl looking at me?
  • Do I love that girl or am I just hungry?
  • Should I start on Monday with my plebeian diet so that I will dine and wine like a Balkanec during the weekend?
  • What else have I have to learn in order to become a master bbdirector? A master in the bbphilosophy?

On a more serious matter, I

  • Ski, hike, run, exercise Jeet Kune Do
  • Eat burgers, ribs, salads, potatoes, eggs.
  • Read some psychology books (persuasion, NLP, manipulation and generally making people do stuff for me)
  • Write to myself and do everything I do for myself.
  • Write books, take insta selfies (and count the likes), take pictures of my sisters magical and delicious cookies and post them as my own on Instagram
  • Trying to convince my sister to make her own insta/fb page and post her million dollar recipes and pictures of cookies.
  • Change a lot. And hate every moment of it.
  • Love what I work and that is pitching and presenting and storytelling.
  • Try to be a gentleman and open doors for women. As many doors as possible.

My CV:

I currently work as the head of sales at an IT development hub called ValosoHub, where in just under 5 months we have grown from a 4 man crew to a 20 member team of expert web/software/mobile developers, sales gurus and digital marketing experts and content writers – all working full time from our own google plex like office that is packed with the latest and greatest tech and benefits.

Damn that was a long sentence. But it is not long enough to mention that we have a network of 200+ developers that we have selected and are on stand by to jump in any project, all thanks to our rigorous headhunting process.

Before ValosoHub I worked 5 years as an account Manager for the biggest and most awarded Advertising Agency on the Balkans, New Moment New Ideas, handling Imperial Tobacco, Philip Morris International and dm drogerie markt (plus 20+ regional clients)

This is me professionally:

This is me socially:

This is me exercising:


This is me agreeing with people:13237686_10154197123009222_4155756509648220527_n

This is me teaching:


Me presenting:


Me laughing:

This is the true me.

That is it.

I discovered the bbdirector a while ago because I noticed for the first time in my life . that had a problem and  that many other people share the same and that is:

We are afraid of becoming men. We think that if we become one, we stop having fun and stop being seljaks at heart.

The bbdirector is the the man that I, and many other people seek to become but are afraid to be. It is as simple as that.

I set out on a journey to see if bbdirectors have fun and can be seljaks at the same time. A journey that will make me leave the comfort of my boy zone and get in the comfort of the man zone.

Tune in and see the progress or join me and have fun.