About the author

I am Iljo,

an aspiring bbdirector.

I love to eat, go fishing, and be first in everything.

Most times, you can find me in the same position that I am on the featured picture, pretending to think, write and generally look very wise. I pretend to think about the following things:

  • Who am I?
  • If I go hiking to Vodno tomorrow before work to witness the sunset, should I go to bed at 11 or 10 pm?
  • Why did Misho Kovac think she has stayed the same?
    • Why does Misho Kovac look like Ron Jeremy in the link from the previous question?
  • Why is that girl looking at me?
  • Do I love that girl or am I just hungry?
  • Should I start on Monday with my plebeian diet so that I will dine and wine like a Balkanec during the weekend?
  • What else have I have to learn in order to become a master bbdirector? A master in the bbphilosophy?

On a more serious matter, I

  • Ski, hike, run, box.
  • Eat burgers, ribs, salads, potatoes, eggs.
  • Read some psychology books (persuasion, NLP, manipulation and generally making people do stuff for me)
  • Write to myself and do everything I do for myself.
  • Write books, take insta selfies (and count the likes), take pictures of my sisters magical and delicious cookies and post them as my own on Instagram.
  • Trying to convince my sister to make her own insta/fb page and post her million dollar recipes and pictures of cookies.
  • Unbox a lot. And hate every moment of it.
  • Love what I work and that is pitching and presenting and storytelling.
  • Try to be a gentleman and open doors for women. As many doors as possible.


This is me professionally:

This is me socially:

This is me exercising:


This is me agreeing with people:13237686_10154197123009222_4155756509648220527_n

This is me teaching:


Me presenting:


Me laughing:

This is the true me.

That is it.

I discovered the bbdirector a while ago because I noticed for the first time in my life . that had a problem and  that many other people share the same and that is:

We are afraid of getting out of the box we live in. We fear that there is no fun when you get out.

I set out on a journey to see if bbdirectors have fun and unbox at the same time.