Blueprints of Billionaires CS Template

Levi’s Case Study: From A Gold Miners Apparel To A Symbol Of Freedom This case study is part of the Blueprints of Billionaires resource series where we cover in detail the stories of iconic brands, their ups and downs, marketing and sales strategies, and future plans. Each of these companies left an undeniable cultural and … Read more

Social Media Distribution: 5 Step Strategy

social media distribution strategy

There’s no magical key for achieving a perfect marketing strategy. However, if such a thing existed, it would presumably include a combination of high-quality, engaging content, a solid plan, and continuous social media distribution. It would also include a serious amount of input from your marketing team and you as their leader. In the world … Read more

Repurposing Content For Social Media

repurposing content for social media distribution

Creating and producing enough great content for your digital and social media channels is a real challenge that can be time-consuming and tough to achieve sometimes. One of the ways to make the best out of your efforts is to repurpose content for social media. But how can you pick the right piece of content … Read more

Best Paid Content Production Tools

the article showcases 24 of the best paid content production tools

It’s well established now that content production is an aspect of marketing worth directing your efforts towards.  Researching and writing your content is usually the simple part, but more difficult is making the content exciting and easy for your readers to digest. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best paid content production tools … Read more

LinkedIn Outreach Tips and Rules to Maximize New Leads

linkedin outreach tips to maximize leads

Get this: LinkedIn is BOOMING.  There’s a ton of opportunities to generate leads, skyrocket your social selling, and increase your authority and reach.    But only if you play your cards right….  Get something wrong – and it’s your account on the line.  That’s right. One mistake, and LinkedIn can flag your account and permanently shut … Read more

23 Best Content Production Tools To Build A Content Production Process

23 content production tools by bbdirector

Brands and businesses are using content production tools to get the attention of their audience and customers, which leads to an increase in sales and more profit for them.  You can do this as well by creating and producing engaging and exciting content topics for your audience. Creating appealing, readable content is not always an … Read more

The Importance Of Content Distribution

how important is content distribution

Content distribution is the process of strategically marketing your content to generate maximum visibility and engagement. How important is content distribution? Knowing how and where to distribute your content is the second most important thing in content marketing. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular social media sites on which you can share your … Read more

12 Best Content Production Tips and Tricks

content production tips and tricks bbdirector

When you create content, you provide helpful information that is free to your audience, attract potential customers to your website, and retain existing customers through quality engagement. We’ll talk about some content production tips and tricks to help you achieve all of the above. Creating and producing content is a great way to make your … Read more

8 Best Steps On Creating A Content Production Plan & Schedule

content production plan building by bbdirector

Content production planning helps you establish an excellent and consistent workflow that plays a vital role in managing your content production process. You undoubtedly know how tough it is to have high-quality content produced and published on time. A well-constructed content strategy is essential for attracting new customers and growing your business. But, you will … Read more