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It’s easy to get lost online when trying to find resources to help you grow your business. For example, look at the first page of google when searching for assistants. Almost 5 million results. How about linkedin lead generation: 113 million results. You’d need to hire virtual assistants to help you go through all those … Read more

The LinkedIn Lead Generation Problem

Linkedin lead generation problem

Sometimes you get the following types of responses when doing LinkedIn lead generation. Your leads are complete crap. I would only call them qualified if I was qualifying them for the type of garbage they are. It happens and It’s not your fault. Here’s why. LinkedIn is a behemoth of a platform. It has about … Read more

LinkedIn Lead Generation: The Cheapest Way To Get Startup Clients

How to get first clients cheap

Everything is ready. You have a genius idea that will help solve a very important problem, you have your website ready, your product is almost ready to be used, dream team, a bulletproof business and marketing plan with a solid lead generation strategy, even the future iterations of your product are done. It’s everything an … Read more

iPhone Trick That Will Make Your Cold Email Warm AF


Cold emailing sometimes sucks balls. Big ones. You spend months and months of shelling out emails and you have nothing to show for. Sometimes the targeting is off. Sometimes the content is crap. Sometimes the timing is off. Sometimes everything is off. That’s the reality with cold emailing. But you can take a-lot of measures … Read more