We help you create your own ecosystem within Linkedin to connect, communicate, nurture and do business with decision maker leads.

We will build a list of 1000+ decision maker leads on Linkedin for free during this call.

Does any of the following sound familiar:

I’m not the right person to talk to, take me off the list.
Reporting you as spam.
Have you even seen what my company does?
I only have 5 minutes, give me your best pitch.
We will get back to you on this (never do).
Let’s touch base again in a few months.

If you’re using the lead generation avenues briefly laid out below to reach decision makers,

that's probably the cause why you’re getting the above responses and not growing your business.

How Much Resources Do You Spend On Any Of These?

Cold Calling

Time consuming and not welcomed as it once was. Calling decision makers out of the blue is a thing of the past.

WoM & Referrals

Unstable and not predictable. Building a business on top of inconsistent stream of leads, is not just impossible but stressful.

FB & Google Ads

Great if you're an expert but they can be the worst money draining avenue you could possibly think of.

Email Marketing

Stricter laws halve the results you get and even worse, get your domain lower rankings by marking it as spam.

And if The Prospects Do Come in, Does your Sales Team:

Qualify them enough?

Deal well with rejection and pushback?

Rely on generic presentations that tell prospects all about YOU but nothing about THEM?

Schedule a free 30 minute sales strategy call. If not sure, then you’ll want to read on:

8 of 10 Companies closed business in the last 15 years because they used outdated lead generation avenues and the wrong communicational strategies to talk to their ideal audiences.

The worst part is that the decision makers you try to reach out to, are almost impossible to reach out to.

1 s
Cognitive Attention Span
1 Min
To Pitch them Live or Over the Phone
1 +
Pitches being thrown at your audience, daily.

This Is Where LinkedIn Comes In

0 Mill

The biggest community of business people on the planet.

0 Mill
Decision Makers

CXO’s, Mid Level Execs, Directors…

0 Mill

In decision making positions.

Find out how many of them fit in your ecosystem

3 More Reasons

Why linkedin is crucial to your business growth

Primarily a Social Platform

Any kind of interaction comes off as friendly and lets you immediately establish a conversation with your audience.

Free To Use

it only takes few hours per day to reach out to potentially 100 decision makers and start talking with them.

Laser Focused

Thanks to it's robust filtering system, you can create your ideal audience of the bat (industry, titles, locations, company size, specific name it, linkedin offers it)

0 %

Of All B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn

B2B Leads From Google:
B2B Leads From Twitter:
B2B Leads From Facebook:

If you're serious about growing your business, getting a stream of leads, and avoid not having an answer to:

  • Are you doing everything you can to get ahead of the marketing curve?
  • How are you going to make sure the 80% of your team delivers the same results as the top 20%?
  • You’ve invested a lot of marketing budget into generating leads, but your conversion rates are low. Why? Are these leads not qualified?

Then You Need To Implement The Next 5 Steps In Order To Build A Great Ecosystem.

These are the same steps that successful Fortune 1000 companies, unicorn startups and your industry leaders are following daily to grow their business exponentially fast.




You need to know exactly who your customers are. Once you know who it is you’re going after then you can begin to design a plan around how you will market to them so they can see you, begin to learn who you are and get to liking you so they come and buy from you. This step helps you do exactly that, find and define your audience, and craft the solution that they need to solve their business pain, written with their own words.



Now that you know who you target, and what your offer is, this is when you need to start actively building out your ecosystem by connecting with decision makers. How do you begin, how do you reach out and what you say, will be the deciding factors whether you get your decision makers attention and move them down the sales funnel. This step provides solutions to those issues.



Customers want to buy, they don’t want to be sold to. If your sales pitch and script doesn’t follow this simple rule, your sales team is wasting their time on calls and meetings. This step is all about teaching and guiding your sales team on how to establish meaningful connections, rapport, and begin conversations with the decision makers. Voice control, pitch delivery, presentation design, are some of the few things covered here to make sure the leads you reach out to, buy from you.



Exponential growth can’t be achieved if we rely just on reaching out to decision makers. Instead we need to make them reach out to us and to easily do this, setting you and your brand as one of the few thought leaders in your niche will be the number one priority of this module. Carefully designed content marketing strategy that will position you as the go-to entity within your target audience.



As soon as you start growing and x2 your client base, operations start to take a serious toll and hinder scaling your business. We help you prevent that by deconstructing and rebuilding your current processes to handle daily tasks, and at the same time help you slash the time you spend on these tasks so that you can focus on what matters most in your business.

What are the results that these steps bring?

Qualified leads per month, on average, regardless of industry.​
1 +
Warm conversations per month.​
1 +
Connections in 6 months that would become valuable traffic to your website, every-time you share a blog post.

Never take our word for it.

They reached out at the perfect time just before our pitch. Lightning fast delivery with a very unique way of communicational style. Definitely recommend!
I really enjoy working with them. Their response time, reliability, and range of talent makes it a no brainer for me.
Responded well to my feedback, delivered what I wanted and exceeded my requirements – and did so when I needed it. Highly recommend!
Graham Moore

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