iPhone Trick That Will Make Your Cold Email Warm AF

Cold emailing sometimes sucks balls. Big ones. You spend months and months of shelling out emails and you have nothing to show for.

  • Sometimes the targeting is off.
  • Sometimes the content is crap.
  • Sometimes the timing is off.
  • Sometimes everything is off.

That’s the reality with cold emailing.

But you can take a-lot of measures to ensure that your targeting, content and timing are near perfection.

The following is exactly that. An example of how a simple tweak in the content can make a cold emails’ chances of getting a positive response, skyrocket.

It’s called: The situational gimmick.

You can use this gimmick basically in any content with any target and no mater the timing.

In short, at the end of each email you add:

“Sent from My iPhone.”

I know some of you already realize what kind of an impact this trick would have in your cold emailing.

And this small trick gets more impactful if used within certain target groups.

Imagine you’re a marketing agency generating leads for a landscaping company?

  • Normally you’d go within your favorite tool such as sales navigator and target educational facilities (schools etc), parking lots… basically everything that would have a certain amount of greenery to be maintained.
  • Then you’d prepare the template (personalize it a bit) and blast it out.

You’d get a decent amount of responses. Timing here is easy to figure out as well: Early Morning or Late evening.

Let’s do a scenario:

You’re the owner of a B&B Landscaping.

One day you’re driving along Liberty Street, on your way to the office and you notice this poorly maintained high school lot. Overgrown grass, weeds everywhere, complete chaos.

You get on your phone and call the school trying to get to the facilities manager but nobody answers. Then you’d find their email (because every landscaping owner uses Hunter.io 🙂 ) and write the following:

Hey John,

It’s Mike from B&B Landscaping. I was just passing by your lot and couldn’t but notice that it’s not in a good shape.

When was the last time your lot was trimmed and mulched?

I’d be happy to give you some ideas as to how you can keep your lot in perfect shape.

Let’s get on a call, I’m free tommorow afternoon.



Sent from My iPhone

This is just one example where you can use the situational gimmick. Are you inspired? Share some ideas in the comments.

Whats the downside?

Since you’re doing cold emailing, theres always going to be that completely off lead that just doesn’t fit at all in your targeting.

Like for example with the landscaping approach:

Hey John,

You do realize that we’re in downtown Chicago in a 50 story concrete building (top floor) and the only greenery we have is a bouquet of roses we bought for 8th of March?

Unless you have some sort of super vision and saw something wrong with our roses, we’ll have to pass.


Or you could get something like:

Hey John,

It’s Julio, the principal of bla bla.

You know i just glanced outside the window and you’re right – it looks terrible!

I’ll hook you up with my operations manager and you can set up a meeting.



Add a few typos in the email and after the gimmick add the following:

Sorry for the typos I got chubby fingers.
P.S. Can this be used for Android phones?

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